Setting Up Your TRX S-Frame for Functional Training

Setting Up Your TRX S-Frame for Functional Training

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Architects have an axiom: form follows function, meaning the design of a structure should be determined by its purpose. The TRX S-Frame is designed to be exactly that, a place where you and your clients or athletes can indulge in functional training in its truest sense.

Whether you train indoors or out, there are a variety of ways you can set up your TRX S-Frame to become a complete functional training zone where you and your athletes can perform exercise or movements that are specific to activities of daily life. In this video, we’ve set up seven stations on a TRX S-Frame located at Park Road Fitness in Burlingame, California. The stations include two for TRX exercises and five others, outlined below:

Station 1 - TRX Mountain Climbers
Station 2 - Battling Ropes
Station 3 - Dips
Station 4 - Kettlebells
Station 5 - Heavy Bag
Station 6 - Pull-ups
Station 7 - TRX Atomic Push-ups and TRX Overhead Squats

If you’re working in a group or boot camp setting, divide your athletes into small groups and have them cycle through the above stations in a circuit. You can also train individual clients or athletes on the TRX S-Frame, simply by having him or her move from one station to the next in the prescribed amount of time.

The above video illustrates just a few of the ways you can create a functional training space with the TRX S-Frame; the options are endless.

“We utilize the TRX Suspension Frame in so many ways, whether it is with the TRX Suspension Trainers, heavy bag, arm slings, tubing and more,” says William Hanson, owner of Aspire Fitness Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. “We use the S-Frame in nearly every training session we have.”

Other facilities that have purchased a TRX S-Frame are truly putting it to the test with their hardest-hitting athletes.

“Our professional hockey players love to perform hockey-specific drills on our 30-foot giant TRX S-Frame,” says Noel Morgan from Fitness 4 Success, Inc in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. “Putting the TRX into single handle mode, hockey players are able to work unilaterally on the mechanics of shooting and stick handling, while improving their core strength, coordination and balance. The S-Frame is a terrific compliment to our program and facility.”

“The S-Frame is the bomb!” says Josh Hubby from P4L Fitness in Murrieta, California. “Not only does it look sweet and add a unique character to our facility, it also allows us to do all the TRX work plus use bands and full body exercises on it. It is very functional for group and private training sessions. The exercises on it are so dynamic and challenging, even for the most experienced exercisers.”

Special thanks to Park Road Fitness, located in Burlingame, California. For more on their facility, including a schedule of their upcoming TRX classes, visit If you want to find out more, please contact your TRX sales rep by phone at 888-878-5348.