The Best TRX Tools for Training Like an Olympian

The Best TRX Tools for Training Like an Olympian

Olympic medalists, celebrity trainers, and pro-athletes swear by the TRX Suspension Trainer™, not because they have endorsement deals, but because the gear really works. 
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What does it mean to train like an Olympian? Is it a matter of mindset? Of access? Athletes like Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and Florence Griffith-Joyner became household names for their Olympic achievements, earning massive endorsements and worldwide fame. But, of the 11,656 hard working athletes competing in Tokyo this year, most will never appear on a cereal box or have their own line of sneakers. They have to find a way to balance life, training, and 9-to-5 jobs. For many, that means finding workout gear they can use at home or on-the-go.

Michelle Carter with medal and strap

TRX® has been outfitting athletes and fitness buffs alike with effective tools for more than 15 years. Olympic medalists, celebrity trainers, and pro-athletes swear by the TRX Suspension Trainer™, not because they have endorsement deals, but because the gear really works. 

Remember, athletes travel for more than just a gold medal every four years—they’re road warriors who compete all the time, trading their home training turf for hotel room workouts. That’s why swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin famously packed her Suspension Trainer in her suitcase during her competition years: she wanted to ensure she had a consistent core exercise tool, wherever she went.

Michelle Carter doing TRX

RX Suspension Trainer

Why are TRX Straps the ultimate training tool, both at home and beyond? The Suspension Trainer can be easily anchored over any hinged door for a full-body workout, so it’s a practical solution for staying competition-ready wherever athletes go. Because it's adaptive for any strength level or goal, there’s no worrying about packing the right weight or resistance. 

And the Suspension Trainer isn’t just for training; it can also be used for stretching and recovery. Olympic Shotputter Michelle Carter, who won gold at the 2016 Games, said her physical therapist introduced the Suspension Trainer into her routine, and she now uses it for warmups, shoulder exercises, and stability exercises.

Of course, the Suspension Trainer isn’t the only Olympic training star in the TRX lineup.

Kettlebell swings


We dare you to find an Olympic sport that doesn’t require strength or stability through the posterior chain. From newer additions like skateboarding and surfing, to Olympic classics like gymnastics, swimming, and even table tennis, Olympic athletes have strong backsides. And when athletes want to train their glutes and hamstrings, they turn to kettlebells. 

The unique shape of the kettlebell is ideal for combining resistance training with cardiovascular conditioning. For power moves like swings and Turkish get-ups, the kettlebell is the best tool for the task. 

But not all kettlebells are the same.


TRX Kettlebells have a gravity-case molding and durable, and rubber-coated flat base for easy handling and storage. But, as every athlete knows, the real test of a great kettlebell is in the handle. TRX Kettlebells’ powder-coated handle is comfortable to grip—unlike many handles that chafe against the palm.

Women using bandit


Do you have weights in your home? Have you ever tried packing one in your suitcase? Dumbbells are fantastic for strength training, but—whether it’s a matter or cost or space—not everyone can add a full weight rack to their home gym. And when it’s time to catch a flight, weights are a hard sell in checked baggage.

The travel-friendly alternative? Bands.

Pushing, pulling, pressing, rotational motion: TRX Strength Bands can do it all. The beauty of strength bands is they offer a lightweight alternative to traditional weights, which make them easy to tote for travel, or just for a change to scenery. (Strength training with a view? Why not!)

The drawback to bands? They may be super effective, but gripping bands can be uncomfortable. Sure, every Olympic athlete is familiar with the “no pain, no gain” theory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace a more comfortable way to get serious results with Strength Bands. 


TRX Bandit™ delivers on that front. It’s a universal ergonomic handle that can be attached to Strength Bands, so athletes can forget about band-pinching and focus on performance.

In addition to Strength Bands, Olympic sprinters and jumpers regularly train with tools like the TRX Glute Bands or Exercise Bands to improve lateral motion and power off the block or over hurdles. Strong runners are faster and less injury prone, so the fastest people on Earth know that resistance training is key.

Golf image

TRX RIP Trainer™

Another it-goes-where-you-go hero, the TRX RIP Trainer™ is popular with athletes who need to generate rotational power. (Think tennis players, golfers, and baseball players.) 

TRX Master Trainer and Golf Performance expert Trevor “TA” Anderson has coached more than a few pro athletes in his time, and he swears by the RIP Trainer for helping athletes create stability and produce force. 

“The main reason why I use the RIP Trainer is to resist rotation, because the golf swing is about aggressive acceleration and subsequent deceleration. Being able to manage deceleration and to balance is probably the number one way to maintain any of the power that you generate,” Anderson said.

Man with medicine balls


Medicine Balls

Here’s a fact that might surprise you: TRX Medicine Ball training actually complements RIP Training! 

According to TA, “The majority of the tension when you have a medicine ball in your hand is on the back end, when it’s loaded back. When you throw the medicine ball at the end of the range, it’s unloaded; you just have to manage balance. With the RIP Trainer, [it’s] exactly the opposite. There [is] less tension in the back because of the variable resistance of the band, so the majority of the tension [is] at the end range, like an impact position.” 

Michelle carter

What kinds of athletes can benefit from the medicine ball/RIP Trainer combo? It’s not just shotput champions like Michelle. TA recommends medicine ball training with RIP Trainer exercises for any athletes who need to hit a ball further, which could include Olympic golfers, baseball players, and tennis players. 

Duffle bag

You don’t need a million-dollar gym to be an outstanding athlete or to train like one. For more than a decade, many of the world’s top athletes have relied on the TRX Suspension Trainer and TRX gear because it’s intuitive, effective, and built to last. Whether you’re ready to stock your home gym with weights, or create a travel with your TRX Straps and Bandit Kit, TRX has the tools to help you train like an Olympian.