These 3 Groups Are Fans of the TRX Suspension Trainer

These 3 Groups Are Fans of the TRX Suspension Trainer

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How does an exercise tool turn into a global fitness phenomenon? It has to be intuitive, effective, and accessible. That’s why the TRX Suspension Trainer has grown from an under-the-radar workout secret into a worldwide obsession. Unlike infomercial fitness fads, the Suspension Trainer is a tool that anybody can use anywhere. But you don’t have to take our word for it; here are three groups of professionals that rave about the Suspension Trainer.


Personal trainers love working with the TRX Suspension Trainer. Florida-based trainer TA Anderson of Better Every Day said, “I have a professional athletic background, and I work with a lot of athletes now: NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, and Olympians. I have Hall of Famers and Super Bowl champions on down to the everyday folks: the seventh grade kid who just wants to make his lacrosse team, moms of three, and every kind of client in between. TRX has helped me connect with every single one of those people—no matter what their level is—and they get tremendous value out of it.” 

Texas-based trainer Priscilla Barrera-Cintro shares Anderson’s enthusiasm for the Suspension Trainer. “It doesn’t matter if I have 6-year-old kids or 70-year-old adults; it’s a tool that allows me as an owner, trainer, and coach to take my clients from easy workouts to challenging workouts,” she said.


It’s not just fitness pros who rave about the TRX Suspension Trainer; wellness experts and researchers agree that Suspension Training is a top-notch workout. According to a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine in 2014, the TRX Suspension Trainer is as effective as traditional weights for strength training.  More recently, an American Council on Exercise study published in 2016 found that “TRX training improves muscular fitness while simultaneously eliciting positive modifications in several major health risk factors” like waist circumference, body-fat percentage, and resting blood pressure.


Celebrity workouts can be a great resource for new workout ideas. Think of it this way: many celebrities—whether they’re athletes, actors, or models—have access to personal trainers and the latest, most cutting-edge fitness equipment. 

When you see celebs turning to the same tools or brands repeatedly, it’s because those tools work. And celebrities of all stripes turn to the TRX Suspension Trainer. Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen, Gwen Stefani, and the Kardashians all incorporate TRX into their training routines because it really works. (Khloe Kardashian even used it while pregnant, and Olivia Munn told Muscle & Fitness that she travels with her Suspension Trainer.) There’s not a body part that you can’t hit using the Suspension Trainer.

People who know fitness know that the TRX Suspension Trainer is a foolproof tool that exercises all the major muscle groups. From coaches to pop stars to PhDs, experts agree it’s the ultimate, anywhere strength-training solution.