Train Like the Pros: Try This NFL Workout at Home

Train Like the Pros: Try This NFL Workout at Home

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Everyone is working out at home these days, including professional football players. For the average fitness enthusiast, exercise may involve a video, like the free TRX LIVE workouts that launch each day on For pro athletes, the routine may involve customized Zoom workouts. Curious about what those custom training sessions look like? We have some answers, thanks to TRX Master Trainer Trevor “TA” Anderson.

From the little leagues to the professional leagues, Anderson is a performance-boosting ninja. He’s a personal trainer, a multi-sport performance expert, and—lately—he’s been doing covert TRX ops, leading virtual workouts for professional athletes during stay-at-home orders.

What makes Anderson so good? 

First, he’s played all sports. All of them. Football, soccer, baseball, basketball, slam ball—which he described as is “a weird extreme basketball sport played with trampolines on the ground.” Yes, Anderson is a gifted athlete, but his athletic background makes Anderson an even better trainer. The man is a legend among legends, training top-ranked professional athletes and Hall of Famers.

“Because I have a professional athletic background, I work with a lot of athletes, plus everyday folks: the seventh-grade kid who wants to make his lacrosse team, moms of three, and every kind of client in between,” he said. “TRX has helped me connect with every single one of those people in those populations. It's something common that I can share with every single one of them no matter what their level is.”

Traditionally, Anderson’s clients show up to work with him at Better Every Day, his gym and coaching business in Orlando. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, professional athletes have turned to TRX for guidance in their stay-at-home training programs. Anderson stepped in to help.

Given Anderson’s reputation for guiding top players to reach their potential, it’s natural to be curious about which exercises he programs in a Suspension Trainer session. Get the full workout posted below.

In this generation-defining moment, no one knows when we’ll be back to gyms, back to sports, back to sharing our lives within six feet of one another. While a workout may not seem like a big deal in the scope of what’s going on in the world, it’s a chance to do something for yourself, to prioritize your wellness and work toward a goal. Whether you do that with Anderson’s workout below or any of the free TRX LIVE workouts online, take this moment to prove just how strong you are.