TRX 5x5 Workout Sequence

TRX 5x5 Workout Sequence

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TRX Education Manager Steve Katai is back with another awesome TRX fitness challenge. This is a great workout if you’re short on time and want a strength focus blast (upper body) in under 10 minutes. BONUS: By keeping the TRX Suspension Trainer in single handle mode at mid length, you can roll from exercise to exercise without rest to get a nice cardio benefit. Perform five reps of each of the following five exercises (alternating between right and left sides). Rest as needed. Repeat as desired.

1. TRX Single Arm Press
Stand facing away, find your challenging angle, wide base, right arm eccentrically bends as left touches the ground, pause and press returning to starting position.

2. TRX Pull/Press
Stand facing away, find angle, right hand extended out with left hand resting/overlapping right, slowly twist down to face anchor, then drive body back to starting position by pulling, twisting, and then pressing out.

3. TRX Triceps Press/Pull
Stand facing away, find angle, right hand on handle, left resting on top, lower by bending elbows, press up and finish with pull/chest squeeze to right side (dominate hand takes majority of load, then switch sides).

4. TRX Single Arm Speed Skater w/Biceps Curl
Stand facing sideways, find angle, right leg planted, left leg lifted, drop down into crossing single leg squat, drive back up and then perform single-arm bicep curl.

5. TRX Single Arm Deltoid Raise
Stand facing, find your angle, wide base, right arm extending in water ski position, pull body up using right arm into half “Y” deltoid raise.

Steve Katai was introduced to the world of triathlon when he won the Degree "Everyman Ironman" contest in 2003. Five months later, he successfully finished the 2003 Ironman Florida race in less than 13 hours. Now a four-time Ironman triathlete and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Triathlon Training, Steve continues to share his passion for training in his position as TRX Education Manager.