TRX Comprehensive Workout Program

TRX Comprehensive Workout Program

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This workout program fuses traditional free weight exercises with TRX metabolic circuits and the top nutrition. First, a bit on how you should go about organizing the program:

  • This program is designed as a four day a week strength training program.
  • There are four separate workouts.
  • Two are traditional free weight days divided up into workouts A and B.
  • Two are TRX metabolic circuits divided up into workouts A and B.

You might divide your week up as follows:
Day 1 – Strength A
Day 2 – TRX A
Day 3 – Recovery
Day 4 – Strength B
Day 5 – TRX B
Day 6 – Recovery
Day 7 – Recovery

The metabolic circuit component of the program is split into two workouts, TRX Metabolic Workout A and B. These were developed by Fraser Quelch and Chris Frankel and are meant to complement each other. Each should be done once per week.

The structure of these workouts is clearly outlined in the charts below, and the way they should be executed is clear in the accompanying video in terms of exercise technique, tempo etc. The videos are great to follow along with as they provide a complete, real time circuit that can be repeated as often as necessary to help keep you motivated.

TRX Metabolic Workouts



TRX Metabolic Workout A Video

TRX Metabolic Workout B Video

The Strength Workouts were developed by Alwyn Cosgrove. They utilize traditional free weight movements as their core. Be aware that any of the strength exercises marked as #a or #b means that these two movements should be performed as a superset with no rest between them. If you have any questions about the exercises included in these workouts, please refer to the video links below that feature John Berardi cranking away at his local gym.

Strength Workout A Exercise Library


Barbell Front Lunge

Incline Dumbbell Press

Bent Dumbbell Row

Swiss Ball Crunch

Incline Dumbbell Curl

Strength Workout B Exercise Library


Dumbbell Step-up

Dumbbell Military Press

Close Grip Chins

Prone Jackknife

Triceps Press

Are you ready for weeks 3 & 4?