TRX Door Anchor Upper Body Workout

TRX Door Anchor Upper Body Workout

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Use this four exercise TRX Suspension Training sequence to light up your back, chest, arms and core for a workout that delivers results quickly and efficiently. The TRX Door Anchor makes it easy to train at home, on the road or anywhere you have a sturdy door.

Training indoors sometimes means having to work around a small, confined or awkwardly shaped space—the same conditions that inspired TRX founder and CEO Randy Hetrick to produce a version of the training device that would become the TRX Suspension Trainer during his former career as a Navy SEAL.

As you’ll see in this video, the TRX makes it easy to select or modify exercises that deliver the results you want in the space you have.

This workout features the following four movements:

  • TRX Super Fly
  • TRX Single Arm Chest Press
  • TRX Single Arm Row
  • TRX Power Pull

Use these exercises as part of your next TRX Door Anchor workout or run through the sequence for a set number of reps (10 per movement/side) or time (30 seconds per movement/side), and you’ve got a winning upper body workout that will light up your anterior and posterior chains, arms and core.

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