Reading TRX for MMA 3 minutes

The TRX® Suspension Trainer™ allows you to MAKE YOUR BODY YOUR MACHINE by taking bodyweight exercise to almost limitless possibilities for strength, mobility, power and endurance. The design of the Suspension Trainer ensures you are loading movements properly, using stabilizer muscles along with challenging your core strength and balance for a workout like no other. With the physical demands of an MMA fighter requiring strength, precision, mobility and power, training with TRX makes your entire body strong, balanced and durable, so you can withstand the physical demands needed for MMA with much less potential for injury.

Here are some effective moves that I use in my own MMA training:

  • TRX Single Leg Chest Press
  • TRX Squat to Y-Fly
  • TRX Atomic Push Up
  • TRX Hamstring Curl to Hip Press

What I love most about these exercises is that they are great for building core strength and balance, two attributes that are extremely important when training in MMA. Not only that, this list hits the major muscle groups of the human body targeting both the upper and lower body, creating what is referred to as peripheral heart action (PHA). PHA has been identified to keep your heart rate up during strength-based exercise, while torching calories with every movement.  A win-win right there!

If you’re looking for an exercise that simulates an MMA move, give the TRX Hamstring Curl to Hip Press combo a try. This exercise simulates the muscular function for Jiu Jitsu practitioners of the triangle and armbar. The single anchor point and limited slip locking loop gives you immediate feedback on the quality of your movement and is the perfect combination of instability for balance and coordination work plus enough stability to build high levels of strength. I’ve found that by slowing this down or any of the above exercises down will uncover muscular imbalances immediately. 

By, Rob McCullough

Senior MMA Director & International Master Trainer for UFC Gym & TRX Instructor

My name is Rob McCullough my nickname in the MMA world is “Razor Rob”.  I am the UFC GYM Corp. Senior MMA Director and International Master Trainer. In my former career I also was the WEC lightweight champion and International Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion. Other accolades include Striking coach on season 11 Team Ortiz and Season 14 Team Bisping on the reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter. Currently a NASM CPT, MMACS, YES, Escape Master Trainer; Bulgarian Bags, kettlebells, American Red Cross Instructor, Master Trainer TRX®.