TRX for Runners: TTC Collection

TRX for Runners: TTC Collection

All levels of runners, from beginners to the World Marathon Majors series, need to start somewhere, maybe a goal of a charity fun run or a bucket list race that a friend has talked you into a race in a few months. Well, the good news is you’ve already started the journey and now the training schedule and the right exercises make the race day easier. 
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All levels of runners, from beginners to the World Marathon Majors series, need to start somewhere, maybe a goal of a charity fun run or a bucket list race that a friend has talked you into a race in a few months. Well, the good news is you’ve already started the journey and now the training schedule and the right exercises make the race day easier. That's right, the more you train the easier the final steps become, so don’t get too focused on the daunting date ahead, the distance or the finishing time. Instead, break it down into a schedule and follow the exercises in the videos to make it all easier.

We have put together our TRX For Runners 2.0 guide to improve your ability to become a better runner. On the TRX App, the On Demand videos are perfect for you to follow, along with our Senior Master Instructor and Run Coach Matt Gleed, as he leads these easy-to-follow strength building, fitness improving, core conditioning and injury prevention sessions.

These workouts are going to help you get to a good level of ability to start improving your running or building from 5km to 10km times. So, if you are a beginner or a club runner wanting to follow some structure, then these easy-to-follow workouts are for you.

We have 3 workouts a week for 4 weeks, then you can continue repeating the program, taking progressions as they are offered. 

The Program 

With 3 short workouts a week, these can be done after runs, on rest days or depending on how your running schedule integrates with the conditioning work. You might use the workouts as a routine before. 

INJURY PREVENTION sessions will be able to ensure this journey is a long one and not stop short due to frustrating strains and niggles as you challenge yourself and run more or further. TRX Suspension Trainers are known as go-to-equipment for scaling the intensity of exercises and now you can get guided on how too.

Including CORE WORKOUTS, which offer a range of focuses including standing only exercises for any user not wanting to get down on the floor or maybe you don’t have the confidence of getting your feet in and out of the straps. We also have dedicated floor-based exercises, so you can flow between exercises easily, and some great dynamic core exercises using the Suspension Trainer to challenge you and push you to be a better runner.

During the STRENGTH WORKOUTS you will learn how to do the exercises and then, as various levels are offered, your selection of intensity will give you progressions as you try to improve. 

The Schedule

Week 1

Ease into it - Injury Prevention & Foundations for mobility and movement quality

Strong & Fit - Running specific exercises and full body workout

Core Basics - To improve your running form and help with a solid foundation

Week 2

Injury Prevention 101 - Correct muscle imbalances and improve activation

Strong & Fit 2.0 - Progressions through Upper, Lower, Core & Cardio exercises

Level Up Runners Core - Build a strong base and try progressions

Week 3

Improve your ROM - Hip mobility, joint strength & improve posture 

Strong & Fit 3.0 - Push your muscular and cardio endurance with progressions

All Angles Runners Core - Stability and control are challenged as we step up your strength

Week 4

Multiplanar Mobility - Focus on glute muscles to develop stability and strength

Strong & Fit 4.0 - Build on your strength and power to take on any hill ahead

Ultimate Runners Core - Rocksteady and strong just like you want to be at the finish line.

The person who runs for fun or fitness advice

Running has so many levels. For a new or casual runner wanting to get activity levels up, it can be really important to compliment your running with some conditioning work. Getting a strained muscle or feeling fatigue can be very frustrating. Therefore, focusing on the Injury Prevention sessions and Core workouts will help you continue your training. 

In the early weeks of the TRX for Runners program, take time to repeat the initial weeks and focus sessions on preparing your body for strengthening work. One thing to remember about running is that progress and improvement comes over time, so you feel empowered to repeat sessions until you feel ready to take your next step. The consistency and consolidation of training will massively help.

Race Day warriors and Improvers advice

If running for a new, improved time or stepping up the distance is a focus, then getting your conditioning work in is going to be high on your priorities. Running longer or faster alone is a recipe for disaster. Every club runner where a coach guides your journey understands that you can’t just demand more from your body. You need to improve your ability! 

Increasing your strength, your core control and upgrading your body to avoid injury is the difference between you banking consistent training and consolidating your training cycles compared to getting overworked strains and injuries and starting again after another break from the runs.

Performance runners advice

Pro athletes or anyone using some of these pathways know improvement is about varied sessions and managing the work load. When 80% of your runs are easy and 20% are hard, focused training that complements what you're doing is vital. 

Use the TRX for Runners sessions to get used to the straps and then you might adapt the workouts to be your pre and post routines for more intense running sessions to help you be ready and recover well. On low mileage days or rest days, get the strength workouts in and then you will find your next percentage gains. But always find time for the core workouts. Your core is going to give you the efficiency, durability and, most importantly, endurance to turn your running goals into reality.

Training makes you weaker. It is through recovery that you get stronger.

As runners or at least now soon to be runners, we all know the pressure of trying to balance work, family, and, of course, training… Whether it’s setting an alarm for 6am to fit in a run before the school drop off or fitting in a strength class after you’ve put the kids to bed. The routine has to fit around you and that will make it successful. Getting a full night’s sleep or that extra hour in bed is often a more attractive option than those extra miles. We hate to break it to you, but it’s time to change things and learn when to train or when to recover.

If you're expecting a coach to always have you running to get better, you've not met the right coach or one who knows the science of the body. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep affects both your physical and cognitive function, which will have a significant impact on your running preparation, performance, and recovery. So many studies show that improved brain processing functions in athletes are linked to athletes who get enough sleep. This is because decision-making and adaptability are key factors to improved performance.

A general rule is the more intense the training session, like repeated short distances, faster efforts or hill work, the longer the recovery time. Many well balanced training schedules involve a mix of intensities. The aerobic system recovers much faster, which is why very easy aerobic work can be an ideal thing to do following intense sessions. It might be strange and take time to get your head around, but a recovery run the next morning might be just the therapy your body needs.

A common question is ‘Can I run for consecutive days?’ and the answer is yes! It’s about balancing the intensity and getting the sessions done at a time that supports you towards your personal goal. Following the every other day approach to running is the past theory and often makes athletes struggle to commit to the plan. Lots of runners run twice a day but with focus on the balance of the session and within a plan that looks after sleep, conditioning work and varied running sessions.

Check out the new TRX For Runner 2.0 4-week program today!