TRX Functional Training Workout – Core Stability Circuit

TRX Functional Training Workout – Core Stability Circuit

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Welcome back to your next TRX® Functional Training Workout. Today’s workout isn’t just about having strong arms. You have to bring the whole package of balance, core stability, and strength to the party! Core stability is key in every movement during this tough Functional Training Tools circuit.

SOME TRX® TIPS: This circuit has a station that uses Conditioning Ropes. Make sure that the following two things are checked off before you attack those ropes:

  1. Your core is turned on
  2. Fire up your glutes and mobilize your shoulders prior to starting

We categorize many Conditioning Rope Exercises as a Pull. What does this mean exactly? Well, you need to focus on “pulling” the rope in a rhythmical fashion vs. slamming the rope until you’re blue in the face, all the while hoping for that beautiful wave-like motion we all strive for.

Movement standards of a pull are; active plank, with the movement being driven from the shoulders and elbows.

These four stations are going to challenge you in varied planes of motion forcing you to dial-in to what we like to say, “What should be mobile and what should be stable”.


  1. Complete each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds
  2. Begin at station 1
  3. Repeat each station four times before moving on to the next station

TRX® Functional Training Workout – Core Stability Circuit

  • Station 1: Stability Ball Stir the Pot
  • Station 2: Mini-Band Squat (Band around knees)
  • Station 3: Medicine Ball Squat with Thruster
  • Station 4: Conditioning Rope- Step Back lunge with Alt. Waves

Miguel Vargas eats, sleeps, and breathes all things TRX®. Suspension Training® has become his passion over the past 4 years and has helped him excel in swimming, cycling, and natural bodybuilding. As a TRX coach, his only goal is to deliver exciting, challenging, and safe classes at the TRX Training Center. When he's not teaching, he works at TRX Headquarter as the Training & Development Manager, creating new content and Instructing TRX Educational Course to Coaches across North America.