TRX Home Workout for Small Spaces

TRX Home Workout for Small Spaces

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No matter where you are or how small the space, this TRX Small Space Workout can fit into your life, even in your college dorm or studio apartment. To highlight the reality of the “small space” situation, we’ve shot this quick workout right in Liana Hughes’ tiny, second floor, San Francisco apartment.

Here’s the workout:

TRX Hip Press (8 reps)
TRX Hamstring Curl (8 reps)
TRX Side Plank (4x10 sec hold, 3-5 sec rest each side)
TRX Abducted Lunge (8 reps each leg)
TRX Low Row (8 reps)
TRX Y Deltoid Fly (8 reps)
TRX Burpee (8 reps each leg)

Of course, there’s no better workout companion than fresh air, but if you're just taking a study break, or an indoor workout is your only option, sometimes you just need to push the coffee table out of the way and get to work. Liana just got a great workout in a space no bigger than a yoga mat.

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