TRX Partner Workout #2

TRX Partner Workout #2

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In the first installment of this series on partner drills, we looked at Tag In 1-on-1, a great drill to challenge strength and conditioning and manage work to rest ratios of exercise.

In this second installment, we learn the Plus 1, one of the TRX Professor Chris Frankel's favorite drills. Here, your work to rest ratio stays 1:1 (like in Tag In 1-on-1), but your exercise volume goes up.

In the video, Carlos begins by performing one rep of the TRX Burpee, while Steve rests. As soon as Carlos finishes, he yells out "One" and then Steve performs one rep of the TRX Burpee and calls out "One" when he's done. Then, Carlos performs two reps of the TRX Burpee, yells "Two" and Steve goes. They continue in this manner, adding one rep to each set until the desired amount of reps is complete. Sounds simple, right? I don't think so! Give this one a shot and I guarantee, around 10 reps, your quads, glutes and hamstrings will be begging for mercy. In fact, if you can make it to 10 reps, consider yourself an advanced athlete because that means you will have performed 55 reps. Of the TRX Burpee. And that, my friends, is quite an accomplishment.

For the majority of you, strive for three to five reps to start and, as you progress, increase that number to six to eight reps and then eventually you and your friend will be doing nine to 10 for a very high level of total body conditioning.

The Plus 1 is a great strength and conditioning drill to do with a team when you want to emphasize specific movements and build teamwork. We'll be showing you two more partner drills on the TRX during the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

And for more great ideas for team training, check out our TRX Performance: Team Sports DVD.