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Try These 3 Exercises With the TRX RIP Trainer

We designed the RIP Trainer to help increase mobility and explosiveness through the use of resistance training. Here are three of our favorite exercises you can try today with TRX RIP Trainer if you want to build your core, legs, and hips today!
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We designed the RIP Trainer to help increase mobility and explosiveness through the use of resistance training. Here are three of our favorite exercises you can try today with TRX RIP Trainer if you want to build your core, legs, and hips today! 

RIP AXE Chop with Knee Drive

In a world where we spend the majority of our time sitting and often with a device in hand this exercise is perfect for getting you on your feet and engaging weakened postural muscles. The addition of the lateral shift on this entry level movement provides an incredible core crushing, anti-rotation, high intensity upgrade.

Adjustment: Basehand (Left), palm down at hand position #1 // Powerhand (Right), Palm Down at Hand Position #4

Position: Stand Facing Anchor, Power cord on Right Side

Start: Arms are extended to the anchor with feet shoulder width apart, RIP Trainer should be perpendicular to the anchor level with your rib cage just below the shoulders. Ears, shoulders, and hips should be stacked in an athletic stance and core engaged.

Movement: Start by pulling the RIP Trainer to your chest. Make sure to engage the shoulder blades by pulling them back and down to your back pockets. Feel your body react to the asymmetrical power cord resistance with an immediate engagement of the core, glutes, and legs to deny rotation. Once at your chest, slide the RIP Trainer laterally to the right by extending your right arm to near full extension, and pushing your left hand toward your right armpit . Keep your shoulders down and think of an “old school” typewriter as you move the RIP Trainer laterally. Your body will want to twist and rotate toward the cord. Remember to keep your athletic position and deny rotational movement.

Return: Slide the RIP Trainer back to the center of your chest, continuing to deny rotation. Extend the arms back to the anchor.

RIP ROW with Lateral Shift

This version of the RIP Axe Chop is great for athletes and non-athletes alike. Personally, I love using this exercise with runners, swimmers, and every day fitness enthusiast that are looking to increase overhead shoulder stability, single leg balance, or just a new way to attack the core. This exercise checks all the boxes!

Adjustment: Basehand (Right) palm down at hand position #1 // Powerhand (Left) palm up at hand position #4

Position: Stand Facing Away from Anchor, Power Cord on Left Side,

Start: Stand firmly rooted through the ground in a narrow symmetrical stance. Ask the muscles of your torso, hips, knees, and feet to engage and find a rock solid stable position. With a semi-taut cord over your left shoulder place the thumb of your left hand (power) to your left shoulder. Your right hand (base) will naturally rise to an extended position nearing the height of your left shoulder.

Movement: Extend the left hand (power) out toward a point slightly below the height of the ceiling and pull the right hand (base) beneath the left elbow nearing the armpit. Simultaneously raise the left knee to waist height in a knee drive fashion. Stabilize through the right leg, engage the core and upper torso. Push through the floor beneath your right foot to help engage your hips. Keep your torso tall and stacked over hips and knees as you pull those shoulders down to ensure good posture. Deny the urge to fall backwards. Think strong base, powerful stride, big reach.

Return: Simultaneously lower the left foot to the floor while bringing the left hand back to the left shoulder and right hand to the extended position.

Be sure to find an appropriate distance away from the anchor before starting a set. Once you’ve found the appropriate amount of end range cord tension that allows you to successfully perform the exercise, work each rep to intentionally build the power of the strike and knee drive. 

RIP Strike with Ground Touch

This exercise is by far my most favorite of all RIP exercises. Having played and coached a rotational sport for years this exercise brings me back to my roots and puts a smile on my face. The creation and control of power is next level. The movement to and from the ground asks for an athletic competency that should be shared by all, not just by athletes. Last but not least, the cardiovascular challenge will have your lungs asking for air. As you're searching for air after a few rounds of this exercise don’t forget what I tell all of my clients RIP = FUN!

Adjustment: Base hand (right) palm down at hand position #1 // Power hand (left) palm up at hand position #4

Position: Stand side facing the anchor with RIP parallel to the floor

Start: Stand in an athletic position with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Shoulders, hips, and knees should be stacked and ready to move rotationally through space. The power cord should be straight with no slack between you and the anchor. The RIP should be positioned at mid chest height with bent elbows and a firm grip.

Movement: With a slight weight shift into your foot closest to the anchor (left) LOAD into your left side. Once you have loaded your weight into your left leg, step slightly forward with your right foot, EXPLODE and pivot through the ball of your left foot. Allow the left hip to follow driving forward. Pull your right hip back so now both of your hips are facing away from your anchor. Don’t forget about the upper body! Simultaneously pull your right hand (base) into your torso, while forcefully extend your left arm (power) around to meet the cord’s resistance being mindful to keep the RIP level with the floor. As the cord is rotating around to strike an imaginary target, consider a clock. 12 o’clock is off of your right shoulder. Aim towards 10:30-11 o’clock. Engage your body from your feet up to your hands to stall your movement and deny any further rotation. Let the cord dance a little as you find your center of gravity with your shoulders and hips now stacked over your front foot. Maintain your end range position and begin to bend the back knee lowering your body and the head of the RIP Trainer to the floor. Deny the urge to allow the cord to pull you back to the anchor. Tap the floor, or a height that works best for you.

Return: Once you have met the floor rise out of your lunge returning to your end range strike position. Pause. Slowly & simultaneously rotate the bar and hips back to the start position by pivoting through the rear heel and torso.

Find an appropriate amount of end range cord tension that allows you to successfully perform the exercise before starting your set.

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Final Thoughts

There's no better way to workout at home than with the RIP Trainer. If you incorporate any of these movements into your exercise routine, you'll see a noticeable increase in explosiveness, agility, and speed. If you want to try out other exercises involving the TRX RIP Trainer, come join a TRX Training Club workout session and get 30 days free when you sign up!