TRX Rotation and Core Workout

TRX Rotation and Core Workout

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Single-arm and single-leg movements performed on the TRX Suspension Trainer increase your instability, requiring greater total-body muscle recruitment. In this video, DB Strength founder and MMA coach Doug Balzarini shows you five of his favorite single-arm and single-leg TRX exercises.

1. TRX Single Arm, Single Leg Row

Set up as if you were performing a TRX Single Arm Row, but lift one leg off of the ground (the leg of the arm you are pulling with). This will force you to fight rotation and stabilize your entire body through your core. Keep shoulders and hips square to the anchor throughout the entire exercise.  

2. TRX Single Arm, Single Leg Squat

Similar to the row listed above, this exercise challenges your ability to resist rotation. Having only one base of support--a single foot--increases the difficulty and forces you to brace your core to maintain stable.

3. TRX Single Arm, Single Leg Balance Reach

Applying pressure into the handle with one hand will help to engage your lats (upper back muscles) and core throughout the exercise. Maintain a neutral spine throughout, keep your elevated foot pointed down to the floor and keep your hips squared at all times.

4. TRX Single Arm, Single Leg Side Plank

Place one foot in both foot cradles and rest the other leg on top while you get set up. This exercise can be performed from either the forearm or the hand. Place your top hand on your hip, and keep your shoulders, hips and knees in line.

5. TRX Single Arm, Single Leg High Plank Hold

Place one foot in both foot cradles and get into a plank position. Carefully lift your free leg off the ground and lift the opposite arm.

Doug Balzarini has been in the fitness industry for the past 14 years. He is originally from Massachusetts where he earned his undergraduate degree in exercise physiology and had his first personal training job. He moved to San Diego in 2000 and worked for the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for five years before starting his career at Fitness Quest 10 as a personal trainer and strength coach. He was there from 2005 to 2011 and worked with clients of all ages and abilities. Doug is the strength coach for Alliance MMA in Chula Vista, California and creator of

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