TRX Shoulder and Back Workout

TRX Shoulder and Back Workout

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This video, submitted by educator Nick Tumminello, shows what he calls his 15/30 Workout, guaranteed to exercise the entire upper back and pulling musculature using two TRX staples: the TRX Y Deltoid Fly and the TRX Low Row.

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Start with the TRX Y Deltoid Fly to ensure optimal muscular recruitment of the often weak and down-regulated scapular stabilizer muscles (such as the lower traps) throughout the workout. Also, because the TRX Y Deltoid Fly involves the smaller, weaker muscles, it should be performed first while you are fresh and less likely to compensate due to fatigue.

Coaching Tips:

  • Maintain body alignment throughout the entire 15/30 workout.
  • Do not lead with your hips or extend your lower back.
  • Do not use momentum to lift your body. Keep the movement controlled.
  • Lift your toes off the ground through the workout to ensure your legs are not taking some of the load.
  • Keep tension on the TRX while at the top of each exercise. Never allow slack in the TRX straps.
  • When performing the TRX Y Deltoid Fly, keep shoulders neutral with your thumbs pointing behind you. This minimizes any potential shoulder impingement irritation.
  • When performing the TRX Low Row, keep your wrists straight and pull far enough to bring your wrists parallel to your ribs.
  • Try to maintain a proper mind-muscle connection so you can exercise every muscle group, such as the lats

Progressions and Regressions:

  • You can quickly adjust the difficulty of both the TRX Y Deltoid Fly and TRX Low Row by moving your feet closer or further away from the anchor point.
  • For weaker individuals, the rep scheme can be adjusted to 5/10, 10/20.
  • Always try to progress to the full 15/30 workout protocol.
  • Perform one to three sets per workout with one to two minute rest in between.

Nick Tumminello is the founder of Performance University and inventor of the Core Bar™. He is an international speaker and educator and serves as the performance expert for the Esquerre Fitness Group, where he consults with health clubs throughout the nation. He is a regular contributor to numerous magazines such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness along with multiple websites including,, and