TRX Banded + Strap Exercise

Try Our 3 Favorite Bum-Burning Exercises

TRX Training Club instructor Georgia Legg takes you through 3 of our Favorite Bum-Burning Exercises. All you need is a suspension trainer and a glute band!
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You can always level up or scale back your TRX Suspension Trainer™ workouts by adjusting your rep count, speed, or angle, but TRX Training Club® instructor Georgia Legg has another way to add some spice back into your glute workouts: Use your Exercise Band with your straps. 

To help you get started, Georgia is demonstrating three banded TRX moves: the Glute Bridge, Plank Abduction, and the Arabesque.

TRX Banded Glute Bridge 

Strap Length: Mid-calf

Band Position: 2-3 inches above knees

Exercise: Start facing away from the anchor point with your heels in the foot cradles, feet and knees positioned about 6 inches apart, knees bent in tabletop, and your shoulder blades on the ground. Keeping your knees bent, press your heels into the foot cradles, and slowly lift your hips off of the ground to eliminate the hip crease, before slowly lowering back down. To make this move harder, reset on the ground and shuffle further away from the anchor point.

TRX Banded Plank Abduction  

Strap Length: Mid-calf

Band position: 2-3 inches above knees

Exercise: Kneel facing away from the anchor point with your toes in the foot cradles. Press either your palms or forearms into the floor, and press the tops of your feet into the foot cradles to lift into a plank. Once you’re in the plank position, extend your legs wide to stretch the band. As you do, you’ll feel your glutes and abductors activate. Close your feet back together and repeat.

TRX Banded Arabesque

Strap Length: Mid-calf

Band position: 2-3 inches above knees

Exercise: Stand facing your anchor, and hold the handles of your straps at either side of your rib cage. Start standing on your left foot, with your right knee slightly bent and your right foot lifted. From here, you’ll create a kickback, reaching your hands forward, pressing your palms face-down on the handles, and lifting your right leg straight behind you, as high as you can. (Don’t worry, you’ll repeat all the fun on your left leg!) Slowly return to standing, pulling your knee forward as you do. 

Which exercise was your favorite? Show us how you do all three by tagging @trxtraining on Instagram or Facebook, and try more of Georgia’s challenges every week in TRX Training Club