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When to shorten and length the TRX Suspension Trainer

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When to shorten and length the TRX Suspension Trainer

We get this question a lot: "How do I know when to shorten my straps, when to lengthen them and when I should have them at mid length?" Just as you have to change gears on a bike in order to maximize the performance of both bike and rider, adjusting your TRX strap length will ensure all users have the most optimal experience during each exercise.

The reasons to adjust length include the following:

  • Experience the full range of motion for each movement (i.e., mid length for TRX Y Deltoid Fly)
  • Accommodate space/height constraints (i.e., fully shorten for TRX Low Row)
  • Adjust for specific exercises (i.e., over shorten for TRX Muscle-up)
  • Prevent straps from rubbing (i.e., fully lengthen for TRX Chest Press)
  • Increase stability (i.e., shorten for TRX Hip Hinge)

In this video, Fraser Quelch addresses this question and gives some guidlines to help you determine the appropriate strap length of your TRX. Here's a quick cheat sheet if you're ever unsure:

  • Standing Exercises: Mid Length 
  • Row Exercises: Fully Shortened
  • Pressing Exercises: Fully Lengthened
  • Ground Exercises: Mid Calf Length

Experiment and find what works best for you. Have fun!

Fraser Quelch is Director of Training and Development for TRX. An expert in functional training and endurance athletics, Fraser has presented at events worldwide and is featured in numerous fitness DVDs. Fraser holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and in 2011 was named co-recipient of IDEA's Program Director of the Year award.