Why TRX for Yoga

Why TRX for Yoga

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TRX Suspension Trainer Tips for YogaYoga poses are ancient forms of movement meant to master the body and enhance the body’s functions.   When exploring a yoga pose using the TRX® Suspension TrainerTM, be clear on the intention of the yoga pose.  Leverage the Suspension Trainer to assist in the action of pulling, pushing, lifting, pressing or rotating to create a deeper expression.
TrainerTM incorporated into your yoga practice builds true resilience, improves balance and coordination, increases mobility, develops dynamic postural control and cultivates stress coping mechanisms.  It teaches you how to engage and fire up the correct muscles needed to create a fuller expression of a posture.  All of this in combination with the (ujjayi) yoga breath creates a meditation in motion that will clear your mind allowing exploration of your true potential.   

Once the pose is set up, hold the pose for 3-5 ujjayi breaths.  Creating more length and space in the body when you inhale and contracting and getting deeper into the pose when you exhale.

TRX Yoga Flow Rx:

  • Begin with 3-5 TRX Sun Salutations to prepare your body
  • Hold each pose for 3-5 Ujjayi breaths
  • Flow through all poses on your right followed by your left
  • Repeat the flow if you are looking to explore and get deeper into the muscles


  • Keep tension on the straps at all time
  • Give yourself a few practices to learn how to leverage the TRX Suspension Trainer for its truest potential
  • Move from an active plank

Tips on Yoga Breath:

  • Breathe deeply and mindfully through your nose
  • Slightly constrict the muscles in the base of your throat to make your breath audible (create the sound of the ocean with your breath)
  • Inhalations match the length of your exhalations
  • Inhale to open, expand your body
  • Exhale to fold, contract, twist your body

Krystal Say is the co-founder of SWEAT Power Yoga and creator of TRX Yoga Flow.  She is an advocate for total wellness, with a degree in exercise science and a senior educator for TRX Suspension Training.  She is a self-proclaimed adventure seeking, fresh air enthusiast, sneaker lacing trail finder and Power Yogi.