Woman using TRX Suspension Trainer and TRX Training Club in her home

Why TRX Training Club is the Workout App You Need

TRX Training Club is fun, effective, and affordable. Let’s talk about how and why it works.
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It’s lunch time on a Tuesday, and you could use a reset. After a 30-minute TRX Training Club℠ workout, you find your second wind. 

You slept late on Sunday, and want to squeeze in some yoga before lunch with the family: you stream a 10-minute flow with TRX for Yoga.

With the changing seasons, you decide to recommit to a fitness routine and set a goal to exercise at least three days a week. After a few minutes browsing the TRX Training Club schedule, you’ve got a lineup of your favorite trainers, and email reminders to keep you on track.

In a world awash with fitness apps, TRX Training Club is fun, effective, and affordable. Let’s talk about how and why it works.

What is TRX Training Club?

TRX Training Club is TRX’s exclusive streaming workout service. Whether you want to hop into a live class—sweating in real time with your favorite instructor—or stream a pre-recorded workout when it fits into your schedule, there’s a solution to help you meet your goals.

All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer and an Internet connection to get started. If you like a big screen experience, you can even cast your workouts to your TV.

Is there a free trial?

You bet. Newbies can access the full range of TRX Training Club classes—both Live and On-Demand—for free.

How do I access TRX Training Club?

You can join classes through our iOS and Android apps, or you can log on through your browser on your computer at digital.trxtraining.com

Do I need a Suspension Trainer for TRX Training Club?

Technically, no. 

With our On-Demand class options, you can filter for workouts according to the type of equipment you have available. Filter options include: Bodyweight, TRX Bandit™, Exercise Bands, Glute Bands, Strength Bands, Jump Rope, Kettlebell, Slam Ball, Mat, TRX Rocker™, TRX RIP Trainer™, and TRX Suspension Trainer™.

All Live classes are currently taught with the TRX Suspension Trainer, so if you like real time feedback, consider this the nudge you need to invest in your own Suspension Trainer. 

How long are TRX Training Club classes?

Live classes last between 25 and 45 minutes. The class length is always posted beneath the class time on the schedule. 

On-Demand classes range between 5 minutes and 45 minutes. Filter options for On-Demand workouts allow you to filter for the class length that works with your schedule.

What kinds of classes are available?

TRX Training Club Live offers five types of Suspension Training™ classes: Strong, Sweat, Start, Recovery, and Yoga. Let’s break down each of those.

Start, as the name suggests, is the ultimate starting point. It helps you create a foundation of strength and stability through safe, efficient, and effective moves that build your body at a challenging—but approachable—level.

Strong boosts your strength and endurance with a blend of strength and plyometric moves that will build lean muscle in the quickest way possible and get you ready for the next challenge. TRX offers three variations in the Strong category: Upper Body, Lower Body, and Full Body. 

Sweat is a circuit-style workout to build your overall speed and power, so you can meet your next cardio session even stronger than the last. 

Recovery is designed to improve your flexibility and regulate your nervous system. This is the go-to class to improve performance and mobility on and off the straps.

Yoga uses the TRX Suspension Trainer to augment traditional yoga postures. Unlike any yoga class you have experienced, these classes infuse strength, mobility, and balance with heart-pumping fitness for a whole new take on power yoga.

Off the straps, TRX Training Club On-Demand classes are programmed with dozens of themes, both those specific to muscle groups, (like Louis’s Plank 101 class), or equipment, (such as Jay’s 10-minute full body kettlebell workout).

How hard are TRX Training Club sessions?

TRX Suspension Trainer workouts are famous for being highly adaptive. In our TRX lingo, you can make the workout harder or easier by adjusting your angle “relative to the anchor point.” (Or, to simplify that, by taking a step forward or back.) 

Similarly, TRX Live workouts are programmed to cater to all levels, beginner to elite. In addition to adjusting your angle, trainers will offer variations on many moves, according to your experience.

On-Demand provides even more options. In addition to filtering by class length, you can filter for Beginner, Medium, or Advanced classes. There are even introductory classes to help you familiarize yourself with a new piece of equipment, like TRX Bandit, TRX RIP Trainer, or TRX Suspension Trainer

From unboxing to set-up, to sweat fest, TRX Training Club’s On-Demand library can guide you through your fitness quest.

How does TRX Training Club compare to the other fitness apps?

Great question! There are generally three categories of fitness apps: 

  1. Apps built around bodyweight or minimal equipment, like the Obé Fitness App or OpenFit
  2. Apps built around a specific type of exercise, like Runkeeper
  3. Apps built around a special piece of equipment, like Peloton, Tonal, or Mirror.

One of the best things about TRX Training Club is it blends the best of all three categories—versatility, affordability, and science-driven tools. Plus, you can access unlimited Live and On-Demand classes for only $19.99 per month. 

You can work out with your Suspension Trainer and the best TRX trainers from around the world, live, for less than what you would pay for a single class at most studios. And the upfront investment in the Suspension Trainer—less than $200, depending on which model you choose, is WAY more affordable than a very large piece of equipment that costs more than your monthly rent or mortgage. 

Best of all, TRX equipment is designed to go where you go. Hitting the road for a month? Take your TRX Suspension Trainer with you, and join a TRX Training Club class from wherever you are.

Can other participants see me in a TRX Training Club class?

No, you fellow class participants will never see your video feed on their screen.

If you opt to turn on your camera during a Live class, your instructor will be able to see you, cheer you on, and offer feedback and corrections. You do, however, have the option of leaving your camera off.

The only information you’ll be sharing with your class peers is your name and location, should you choose to enter that information in your profile.

You don’t “need” an instructor to teach your TRX class at home. Millions of people around the world—people just like you—set up their Suspension Trainers at home, plan their own workouts, and exercise on their own. It’s part of the value of the TRX system. Anybody can use it: anytime, anywhere.

But TRX Training Club classes? They’re fun and challenging. Especially when you’ve got the best instructors in the business coaching. If you like to zone out during workouts—if you prefer to let someone else do the hard work of programming the class—you can’t beat the value and quality of TRX Training Club.