TRX TEAM® is a full scale solution for developing a winning small group training business, based on building a progressive, results-oriented program in which your members become invested in their success as a team. First, our expert trainers will design a customized TRX Training Zone™ specifically for your space. We then provide intensive instruction with your staff on every element of implementation, from marketing to the ins and outs of TRX Training, for your own six to eight week “boot camp" style training program.

TRX TEAM brings unique value to your facility due to the R4 advantage:

Our comprehensive rollout process ensures that your equipment, trainers and entire staff will be fully prepared to market, launch and instruct the TRX® TEAM group training program to your members.

Grow your non-dues revenue with TRX TEAM. This training program bridges the gap between personal training and group fitness to attract more of your members into fee-based programs. 

Engaged members are loyal members. TRX TEAM delivers the dynamic, results-oriented fitness program that will keep your members coming back again and again.

This program delivers results for your club’s bottom line, its staff and its members. It elevates a facility's training staff to a new level, allowing them to deliver a unique, effective experience to members with 18 days of world-class programming, and integrated baseline and finish line testing.

Customized TRX Training Zone solution

Six to eight weeks of progressive, results-driven programming

Three days of onsite staff training and orientation

Extensive marketing and promotional support

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Case Studies

Pioneer Fitness Center


Pioneer Hi-Bred, an international company based out of Jonestown, Iowa, believes the success of their company is directly related to their staff’s overall quality life. Therefore, they installed a fully functional fitness facility, Pioneer...

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Yakima Athletic Club


Staff at YAC Fitness & Yakima Athletic Club in Yakima, Washington used TRX TEAM® to differentiate themselves, grow regenerative, non-dues revenue and bring their clients a goal-oriented program to build strength and core stability. 

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