Oblique crunch

Core Fitness

Strengthening the core muscles

We use the term “core” to refer to the region of your body below the neck to the hips and excluding your arms and legs. Your core consists of more than just your abs. All of the muscles that surround your abdomen, support your spine and protect your internal organs, collectively comprise your “core” muscles. 

What is “Core Fitness:”
Having a strong core means more than having a visible six-pack. Your core muscles generate the stability needed to effectively perform any athletic movement like throwing, swinging, striking and twisting.

Why you should use TRX for core training:
If you want to move, feel and look better, chances are you should start with your core. Any movement performed on a TRX Suspension Trainer requires that you brace and stabilize with your abs, obliques and lower-back so you can leverage your own bodyweight as resistance. The TRX exercises on this page use functional movements (the way you move in everyday life) to help you increase your core fitness. Remember, the moment the exercise becomes too difficult to maintain core stability, regress it or move on.

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