Get TRX® Certified

Advance your career and your skill set with TRX Education. Our dynamic mix of virtual & online courses are the first step on your journey to becoming a TRX Certified™ Trainer. TRX qualified course graduates are invited to join an exclusive network of like-minded fitness professionals and gain access to world-class workouts & content, business & marketing tools, digital CECs, income opportunities, and more.

Qualification Courses

TRX Suspension Training Course (STC)

Learn the way, you learn best select from a LIVE Virtual or Online self-paced classroom- that will teach you how to effectively incorporate TRX Suspension Training® into your coaching practice for improved results with your clients, students, athletes, and patients. This course is built around a movement-based Coaching System that is scalable to any piece of equipment, level of client, or type of training environment.

Choose Your Classroom:

TRX Yoga Foundations Course (YFC)

TRX Yoga is the ultimate fusion of fitness and Power Yoga, made stronger with the use of our TRX® Suspension Trainer™ for feedback during every pose. Ignite your intent and build a strong foundation of alignment, core power, mobility and stability through the repetition of movement and breath. Plus, discover howTRX® Yoga can cross over into any fitness program to achieve new goals.

Get Specialized

Select from our TRX Live Virtual Workshop Series- 90min Live Virtual Workshops or Learn at your own pace through our online courses.

TRX Virtual Workshop Series

TRX for Golf Workshop (TGW)

Explore sport-specific training. The TRX Golf workshop gives you the tricks and tools you need to understand swing mechanics, form, and strength training techniques that hone in on rotational power and health. In just 90 minutes of LIVE virtual education, discover the importance of core, posterior chain strength, plus thoracic and hip mobility in improving golf performance, and how to train both amateur and professional golfers, alike.

TRX Suspension Training Workshop (STW)

Everything you need to know about TRX® Suspension Training® basics in only 90 minutes. The "Cliff notes" version of our 7-hour Suspension Training Course, this live, virtual, interactive class is made for trainers on the go. Learn basic set-up and use; 30+ movements and progressions to use in your sessions right now; plus a rundown on proper cueing and correcting common faults.

TRX Kettlebell Workshop (KBW)

Learn the essentials of kettlebell training in only 90 minutes. This live, virtual, interactive workshop is perfect for both kettlebell novices and experienced trainers looking for a quick overview on the elemental skills, techniques, principles, and exercises to start incorporating into their coaching right away.

TRX Rip Training Workshop (RTW)

The TRX RIP TRAINER® live, virtual 90-minute workshop will give you the confidence and skills needed to effectively train clients with this dynamic and fun training tool. The TRX RIP TRAINER offers unparalleled rotational strength, core stability, explosive power, and cardio endurance that’s scalable to all levels, goals, and, sports.

Online Courses

TRX Suspension Training Course

Learn from anywhere! This self-paced TRX Qualification combines the 15+ years of educating on the TRX Suspension Trainer and distills the content into highly engaging, useful, effective delivery to ensure each and everyone of our digital course grads leaves with the skills required to successfully coach ANY client. Following completion of this course, you are qualified TRX Course Grad and on your journey to becoming TRX Certified through TRX CORE.

TRX Virtual Training Course

This 4.5-hour self-paced digital course aims to give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to take your business online. Covering everything from technology, coaching via computer screen, camera angles, sales cycles, and more, the TRX Virtual Training Course may be the best career investment you ever make.

TRX for the Female Athlete

This important digital course addresses critical physiological considerations and provides insights and strategies for optimizing training with the female athlete. Join Shana Verstegen an industry leader as she shares key insights and strategies for female performance, diving deep into topics of the menstrual cycle- and how to optimize training benefits throughout, along with bone density considerations, physiological differences- resulting in knee issues, and the risks of the female athlete triad.

TRX for the Prenatal Athlete

The prenatal & post natal period is a time of enormous change , this self paced course will provide you with the insights of the physiological and motivational adaptations throughout ones pregnancy and the practical application to use the TRX Suspension Trainer to effectively and safely train clients throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

TRX for Golf Specialization Course

Whether you're looking to improve your own game, or your clients', the TRX for Golf Specialty Certificate Course will give you the most effective techniques for improving golf performance. This unique, multi-modality program has been implemented successfully by the world’s top golf performance experts to achieve success with players at every level — from recreational players to PGA, LPGA, and World Long Drive Champions golfers. This tried and true “body-first” approach to golf fitness aims to help golfers improve through better movement, athleticism, and power.

TRX for Yoga

Leave your clients feeling confident, empowered, and uplifted with TRX for Yoga. This self-paced, digital course aims to advance your TRX Suspension Training® knowledge with a fresh evolution of movement meant to assist and challenge traditional poses. The course includes detailed instructional videos, your own follow-along workbook, and precise benchmarks to gauge your comprehension and get you ready for your final test.


TRX Training Summit: Virtual Edition

Join us for a weekend of INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION, where we unite thought leaders, industry pioneers, and hundreds of your peers. Whether you're a personal trainer, coach, group instructor, or TRX enthusiast, you will walk away from the weekend inspired and armed with the tools you'll need to up your game on every level! Summit registration includes two weekends to select from, as well as an opportunity to JOIN TRX CORE® and unlock the digital recordings from the event.