TRX for Community Championship 3

TRX Challenges Every Fitness Level


Join TRX at the Al-Midra Recreation Center for the following events


Family Fitness

Family Fun Fitness 1PM - 1:30PM
This session is designed for families to participate together in a fun and engaging workout using TRX equipment. The focus will be on activities that promote teamwork, coordination, and bonding while incorporating basic TRX exercises suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Exercises could include partner squats, assisted planks, and modified TRX rows.

Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion 3PM - 3:30PM
This session combines the benefits of TRX suspension training with the mindfulness and stretching elements of yoga. Participants will perform yoga poses incorporating the TRX suspension trainer to enhance stability, balance, and flexibility. Expect a blend of traditional yoga postures, modified with the use of TRX, including TRX-assisted downward dog, TRX lunges, and TRX-supported warrior poses.


HIIT 2PM - 2:30PM
This high-energy session will involve short bursts of intense exercises followed by brief periods of rest or low-intensity activity. Utilizing TRX suspension trainers and TRX YBELLS, participants will engage in a series of dynamic movements such as TRX jump squats, TRX mountain climbers, TRX sprinter starts, TRX YBELL PODS. The goal is to maximize calorie burn, improve cardiovascular fitness, and boost metabolism.

Sport Training

Sport Specific Conditioning 4PM - 4:30PM
Tailored to the demands of sport, this session focuses on sport-specific movements and conditioning exercises using TRX equipment. Participants will engage in drills mimicking the challenges faced during sport to enhance endurance, agility, strength and balance.