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Our newest product for all true fitness enthusiasts! We partnered with MobilityWOD's Kelly Starrett DPT to develop the Duo Trainer and tap into greater levels of strength, mobility and endurance. The TRX Duo Trainer’s dual-anchor-point design enables hanging exercises, including pull-ups, dips, muscle ups, lower body work and core strengthening exercises. Accessible for athletes of all fitness levels, the TRX Duo Trainer will help you move better on and off your field of play.

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With ergonomically-correct straight handles, the Duo Trainer offers strong, secure grips during bodyweight-based routines.   The Duo Trainer's easy-adjust straps, Infinity Anchors and Mobile Grips provide seamless transitions into mobility, strength and core exercises for maximum results.
 Utilized for hundreds of years, gymnastic rings are a staple in strength and conditioning programs. TRX’s Duo Trainer  broadens the accessibility and exercise possibilities for athletes of all abilities.  The macro-adjustability of its patent-pending infinity anchors and micro-adjustability of the mobile grips makes anchoring and changing positions for a wide range of exercises safe, fast and easy. This versatility also allows for training in different locations -- indoors, outdoors, and on uneven surfaces -- building on the TRX tradition of training anywhere,  anytime. 

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something to take your mind and body to a different place... paired with education and the expected great craftsmanship TRX delivers, this DUO is a humbling experience to movement and it will surely have you feeling it after 30 seconds for an entire week! I highly recommend this piece of equipment for you a friend or a client. train stability and mobility with the TRX DUO... This will surely amplify your #ENERGIA

I love the feel of the wood in my hands and how the 2 anchor points change the game while being so complimentary to the TRX suspension trainer. Love this addition to the TRX family.

Diverse, Dynamic, Compact and Functional. So many exercises, so little time!

Great tool that raises a new awareness for body weight training. A combination of the TRX suspension trainer and olympic rings makes it easier on the wrists, but still a incredible lat strengthening for push-ups, dips and pull-ups (simply rotating the handles out). The mobile grips and infinity loops give a faster set up on the length adjustment thats perfect for your height.