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Using cutting edge technology, our in-ear audio app tracks your biometric data and reacts in real-time with customized training tips, motivation and workout plans to help achieve your fitness goals faster. Our world-class coaches guide you every push, pull, step and stretch of the way. While you workout, we track and analyze your data, and turn it into information you can use. If you are an existing User updating the TRX  App , you can find all previously purchased content in My Workouts at the bottom of the Home screen in the App.  

So put in your ear buds, follow your coach’s cueing and get in the zone

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The Official TRX App- Burn fat, lose weight, build muscle and increase endurance!

With state-of-the-art in-ear audio cueing and into workout and exercise library, the TRX App is your perfect training partner.  Included in the TRX App is a wide variety of training options  --  including Yoga, running, cycling, HIIT, functional training, suspension training and more --

So you can choose the workout that best meets your goals and schedule.  Smart and adaptive, the TRX App uses your biometric data to curate a truly individualized training experience -- and it syncs up with most major wearables.  The workouts are voiced by best-in-class real coaches (no robots or canned responses here!) that react in the moment to guide you on your fitness journey.

Already have the TRX App? Download the new version and find all your previously purchased content in My Workouts at the bottom of the Home screen.

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The new updated TRX app is amazing. Where it falls short of a 5 star rating is in it's reliability. The Apple watch support is great but crashes and can sometimes be clunky. Tried today for the second time to calibrate my heart rate zones. First time the app kept having trouble reading my heart rate. And today it crashed right before I was about to complete the calibration session. The UX needs some simplification. Too many options and not enough of a guided experience. This app is so close to becoming my go to fitness app. Nike+ Training app is a tough one to beat. But I know you all can do it!

when learning I wish it would let you preview the exercise while starting the full workout. It seems if you start and go to preview you have to start the whole time over and then jump back to where you where.

Time for a refresh... The app ofter requires me to re-sign in which results in a delay as it re-downloads the workouts... Annoying. Also, the content could be updated? Why not add the other downloadable workouts? It could be a one-stop repository... Otherwise, not bad...

I find this App fine but it would be better for TRX to improve it a little bit. The first thing is the choice of workouts - very poor. Please, add more workouts for different fitness levels and make them longer. Secondly - please, add a separate library of all possible exercises for easy navigation. Thirdly - music play list doesn't work: the app always crashes. And the last thing - add notification of the strap length to the "NEXT" field for quick length adjustment during the rest. Sometimes I must mute the sound in order not to disturb people and can't hear to the voice notifications