Get the body you've always wanted with the official workout app of the world's leading training brand.

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Burn fat and lose weight, or build lean muscle and add definition to your physique with the TRX App. 

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The Official TRX App

Using the TRX Suspension Trainer, the TRX Rip Trainer and cutting-edge research on human performance, we’ve developed exercises and workouts to make you look and feel your best. An extensive exercise video library starts with 30 Suspension Training and Rip Training exercises, giving expert guidance on how to master your form and train better.

The TRX App includes four free workouts, designed to give you maximum results in the limited time you have, everywhere you go. The workouts come in two formats based on your goals:

• TRX Burn workouts. Incinerate fat with some high-intensity interval training that will boost your metabolism and increase your cardiovascular capacity.

• TRX Build workouts. Build lean muscle and add definition to your body while boosting your total-body strength.

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when learning I wish it would let you preview the exercise while starting the full workout. It seems if you start and go to preview you have to start the whole time over and then jump back to where you where.

Time for a refresh... The app ofter requires me to re-sign in which results in a delay as it re-downloads the workouts... Annoying. Also, the content could be updated? Why not add the other downloadable workouts? It could be a one-stop repository... Otherwise, not bad...

I find this App fine but it would be better for TRX to improve it a little bit. The first thing is the choice of workouts - very poor. Please, add more workouts for different fitness levels and make them longer. Secondly - please, add a separate library of all possible exercises for easy navigation. Thirdly - music play list doesn't work: the app always crashes. And the last thing - add notification of the strap length to the "NEXT" field for quick length adjustment during the rest. Sometimes I must mute the sound in order not to disturb people and can't hear to the voice notifications

3.5 starts. The timing function works great but each time I put my phone in sleep mode the program would stop functioning. Its annoying to have to hold my phone for each exercise vice placing it in my pocket. Also, during each hip extension set the music restarts with the first song, why? Again, annoying. Please fix it, I look forward to giving it 5 stars.