TRX Essentials: Cardio Circuit

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This workout combines TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercises with the anaerobic benefits of jumping rope in a real-time workout led by former Olympian Buddy Lee.


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Shape up fast with TRX Essentials: Cardio Circuit, a super-charged combo of strength and cardio training. This unique 60-minute real-time interval workout joins TRX Suspension Training with the anaerobic, fat-burning benefits of a rope jumping workout led by former Olympian Buddy Lee, who revolutionized jump rope training for athletes.  You will receive the Instant Video Download of the program immediately so you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. With minimal equipment a TRX and portable jump rope you can boost metabolism, improve heart and lungs and tone up fast, anytime, anywhere.

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A genuinely satisfying all-round workout

Love it! It's a very active circuit that make you break into sweat since the beginning and not at all a boring one.

In the middle of nowhere (Papua New Guinea, Gulf province), a really good way to keep training where there is no gym

Love it!