TRX Essentials: Flexibility

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Improve your posture, increase range of motion and build greater stability from head to toe with this workout. Includes a stretching program perfect for desk jockeys and extreme sportsmen alike.

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The combination of sitting at a desk all day, life stress and extreme workouts can all contribute to muscle tension and damage, resulting in poor flexibility. TRX Director of Training and Development Fraser Quelch takes you through a 50-minute, real-time stretching routine designed to counteract the effects of day-to-day life. This DVD also contains a video library demonstrating exercise progressions, extensive set up and use guidelines and a 13-page, 12 movement, full color workout guide. Designed for any level of fitness, this program is perfect for professional athletes and beginner fitness enthusiasts alike, anyone who wants to consistently feel and perform better.

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I instantly fell in love with the TRX concept when I was introduced to it by a PT during some knee surgery rehab. I bought one, began working out and realized I didn't need a fully equipped Olympic Lifting gym in order to get a great full body, functional workout regardless of wherever I was. Needless to say I was a huge fan but having discovered this stretching routine I was blown away how functional this simple piece of gear is. I have tried to stretch regularly in the past and have even tried yoga but was never able to get as complete and enjoyable a stretch as with the TRX. I feel like a new person! There is no reason that anyone can't get a great stretch with this unit and thanks to Fraser et al for putting this flexibility routine together!

This DVD is a must for improving flexibility and full range of movement. It is very smooth and Fraser does a wonderful job of explaining the movements and helping you understand if you should take the movement further. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy stretching out with the TRX. It really allows you to connect to muscles in a way that you would not be able to without it. You feel wonderful after doing this program...I highly recommend this!!

The flexibility DVD is great program to add to your TRX collection. It shows you some great stretches that would be hard to achieve by doing regular stretching. I do it at least once a week on my off days and my body always thanks me for it!

This is a great flexibility video. It has helped me with my back and hip tightness (a chronic thing due to a horse accident I had). I especially like the deep hip stretch exercise (where you cinch your leg up, let the knee fall to the outside, and lean in to do the stretch). Just a hint for those actually viewing the video instead of using the written exercise guide...get a full-length mirror and prop it up beside you so you can watch the reflection of the video while doing exercises that are facing away from your TV. Keep the videos coming!! We've got most of them now!