TRX Essentials: Strength

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Build muscle and support a healthy body with this essential TRX strength workout. DVD includes a real-time workout and a workout guide.

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TRX Essentials: Strength is easy to follow and easy to adapt, ideal for beginners but suitable for all levels. It contains a real-time, scalable workout with step-by-step coaching, complete set up and use instructions and a 19-page, full color, laminated workout guide with photos of each movement. TRX Essentials: Strength starts you with the most basic versions of the exercises and then, when you're ready, adapts them to more advanced levels. This 60-minute DVD is a crucial foundation for your workout program and a must for building functional strength for an active lifestyle.

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Having used this DVD regularly for a couple of months now, I almost can't say enough good things about it. The workout itself is great, but there are many little things to appreciate, like the excellent exercise library, the easy-to-see time clock and rep counter, the musical cues that tell you that a next set is about to begin so you can know to be ready without having to watch the tv screen. The setting at the Palace of Fine Arts is very pleasant, and the banter between Fraser and Steve is amusing and doesn't seem to get old. I bought this DVD because I didn't feel I was quite ready for the Force workout, and I can now see and feel huge differences in my conditioning level. If you're on the fence about this, just buy it. I promise you'll be glad you did.

I have this dvd to accompany the Xpress All Body dvd and love it. Fraser helps you go through each sequence of exercises with ease. He helps by explaining how to do the exercises in the dvd step by step, and how to progress if you think you can go a little further. Would recommend this dvd for everyone to buy.

This dvd is worth every penny and time needed to complete it. I feel sore from that workout and am going to continue using it along with the All body xpress total body dvd.

I just finished my first workout with this DVD. I hooked up the X-Mount in my basement area, as I'm trying to get back into shape. First of all, the TRX is incredible and this DVD really helps me to understand not only the basics, but also, more complicated moves as you get stronger. I'm planning on using it all the time for the next six weeks! Got a follow up DVD coming out?