TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program

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The TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program is a 12-week, progressive workout program that helps servicemembers, first responders, trainers and you get fit for duty--NOW INCLUDING THE NEW TRX FORCE Super App!


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Used in all branches of the US Military, the TRX Tactical Conditioning Program is the most comprehensive workout program ever created for tactical athletes. To develop the FORCE Program and Super App, TRX combined cutting-edge functional training research with insights gained from direct work with thousands of servicemembers in every branch of the US Military.

TRX developed the 12-week, progressive Tactical Conditioning Program to help people of all fitness levels safely develop the strength, power and core stability needed to do their jobs. The Program also helps develop the resilience tactical athletes need to go the distance, whatever challenges they face in both the line of duty and life.

No matter what your sport, goal or mission, the Tactical Conditioning Program will help you reach the next level of performance. There is no other workout program like it.

When you purchase the TRX Tactical Conditioning Program you now get the TRX FORCE Super App, too, a $39.99 value. The TRX FORCE Super App brings the groundbreaking TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program alive on your iPhone or Android Device in an ultra-enhanced digital version. Though designed for tactical athletes, the FORCE Super App also provides fitness professionals and home users alike with an incredible training resource.

The FORCE Super App features include an extensive, indexed exercise video library. This enables users to instantly reference videos that demonstrate three different levels of progression and tips for every exercise.

A randomized workout selector, agility drills, benchmarking tests and TRX-optimized, integrated countdown timers make the FORCE Super App an all-in-one fitness solution. A detailed reference section instructs users how to safely and effectively use the Program.

Get the Tactical Conditioning Program and Super App and get mission ready, today.

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Solid 12 week functional fitness program that will challenge you day in and day out.

I received my TRX FORCE Tactical Conditioning Program as a Christmas gift this year. Perfect present! I have had my TRX for a couple of years, but never really felt like I knew what I was doing, or what I should be doing. I was an athlete in high school and college, but now am stuck behind a desk all day now. This program is great because offers great guidance that is guaranteed to make every muscle in your body hurt, but I do not have to fight with traffic and membership dues at a gym. Discs: The discs are a great resource, showing short clips on what the FORCE program is, how to complete it, and a library of exercises so you know what you are doing. The clips are short enough to hold your attention, but still informative enough to make them worth watching. Exercise Maps: I would be completely lost without the maps. I am still figuring out the various exercises, so the maps provide a quick reference. The grid system makes it easy to find the exercise, and there is a new map for each of the 3 Phases. After using the program for a while, I am beginning to recognize the different exercises, but the maps are a must have when starting. Program Guide: The Program Guide is the moneymaker. My problem areas were: 1) lack of a plan; 2) lack of knowledge; 3) lack of goals. The Guide covers all of these, laying out each exercise, the time allotted, and the difficulty level. The construction of the guide protects it from my sweaty hands, I am never afraid the pages will rip out, and it is compact enough to fit with the spirit of the TRX (easy travel for use anywhere). Phases: The 3 phases provide benchmarks to make the goals obtainable. The program is not easy, but if you stick to the plan (move at your own pace if you need to), then you will get there. Overall: I curse the person who gave this to me after every workout because I feel like I cannot move for a week, but I also thank them (under my breath, of course). I am working muscles I never knew I had! This course is not for people who are not ready to kick it in gear, but if you have a little motivation, this is the way to go.

Well, as a TRX military instructor, you would expect my feedback to be slightly biased. However, I can confidently say the TRX Tactical Conditioning Program (TCP) will test you mentally and physically. Mentally, as you strive to achieve a Movement Mastery Mindset in every TCP exercise and physically as you earn your progression through the three Phases! I strongly encourage my military brethren to give this 12 week program an opportunity to change the way you may think about TRX suspension training. The original 12 week program was a Cadillac course, full of great movements and challenges. The TCP is the Lamborghini course - take it for a test drive! David Mullins, COL (Ret) U.S. Army

Could someone tell me what the five little circles on the daily wokout keys mean? They have a little lighting bolt inside them. Somedays they are colored gray, other days are white. What is their significance?