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This workout and Training Guide combine cardiovascular and functional-strength training for a comprehensive 12-week program to help you achieve peak operational readiness.

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This program delivers real, functional fitness to meet the challenges facing any service member while in the field. TRX® Suspension Trainer creator and former Navy SEAL, Randy Hetrick, and TRX Director of Training and Development, Fraser Quelch, take you through a training regimen designed to help you maximize your general physical preparedness. These two alternating, real-time workouts start at a moderate level and progressively become more challenging over a 12-week period. The Training Guide provides an easy to use system to document your progress, and contains full color, waterproof images of each exercise. Plus, you will receive the Instant Video Download of the program immediately so you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. Train like the nation's elite forces and get into peak operational readiness with TRX FORCE.

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I recently received my TRX Force Kit and I have been doing the 12 week workout. My core is on FIRE the day after every workout. The suspension training is amazing for core stability. I feel as solid as a brick wall only after only a week of workouts. The other day my friends and I played a game of light-tackle football and I was unstoppable! They said tackling me was like trying to take down a telephone pole. I am definitely going to keep using the TRX until my door falls off the hinges (I use the door anchor). Thank you TRX for helping me reach my full potential.

Just got my TRX and it is easy to use which is very motivational & keeps me going!!!I travel every week and it will go with me around the globe!!!

My 15 year old daughter will not give back my TRX. She is a beast!

I came across the link for the TRX Trainer about 2 years ago. I did a basic workout and was like WOW! This workout kicked my butt. I never realised how weak I was till I did this work out. I am a personal trainer, high school wrestling coach and an avid mixed and traditional martial artist as well as a former Navy man. To make that statement The TRX gave me the ability to train and do exercises that I couldnt do because of old injuries. It made me stronger. Helped me regain my flexibility and recondition my body to be combat ready. If I needed to be. I have intergrated TRX training with all my clients, students and wrestlers, and they all love it.