TRX Full Body Workout Bundle

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Get stronger, train smarter and feel awesome with the TRX Full-Body Workout Bundle.

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Product Information

This bundle is packed with a total-body strength and flexibility plan that will give you the results you want and keep you healthy for a long time to come. Not only does this bundle contain the TRX HOME Suspension Training Kit, with six, 15-30-minute workouts, but it also has a TRX Water Bottle and three additional TRX flexibility and mobility workouts to keep you training strong and feeling great all the way through to the final rep. Don’t hesitate, take advantage of this limited-time deal before it disappears. Check this one off your list today.

Full Body Workout Bundle Includes:

  • TRX HOME GYM Suspension Training Kit
  • TRX Essentials: Strength Download
  • TRX Healthy Joints Routine Download
  • TRX Strength & Flexibility Workout Download
  • TRX Water Bottle

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I bought this to supplement my workouts on the days I don't participate in a TRX Class. I LOVE the home version but I wish the straps had the same handles I'm used to at the gym. The at home version comes with foam handles. Other than that, I would recommend. I did show my purchase to the regulars in my TRX class and less than half of them felt they would buy because of the foam handles. That's definitely an area for improvement.

Love my TRX!!!

TRX home bundle is everything you need. You get a great workout.

Top, Bottom, and Middle line... - Quality Product. - Absolutely will get you in shape! - "YES", I would buy again!