TRX Healthy Joints Routine

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This 30-minute real-time workout is built using two separate 15-minute segments that develop better mobility using the TRX Suspension Trainer.


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Like brushing your teeth, mobility is one of those things that you should be doing every day. Having a full range of motion is critical in everything else you're trying to do in sport and life (and, like brushing your teeth, will help keep you healthy and out of the doctor's chair). This TRX workout gives you two complete mobility segments that should take 10-15 minutes each. We recommend you do one of them every day - either before your workout or as a standalone workout on rest or active recovery days.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same workout as TRX TV: Stay Mobile.

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Didn't see much of a workout or feel the mobility.

Extremely satisfied.

A wonderful explanation on how to promote and preserve the client(s)joint longevity.

I really enjoyed this tutorial and the exercises included. I find the TRX training amazingly effective and I am glad I can purchase different videos online.