TRX Performance: Drew Brees Workout

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Take your performance to the next level with MVP Quarterback Drew Brees and his trainer Todd Durkin in this download that includes 4 key TRX circuits and a printable workout guide. Download it to your mobile device and take it with you anywhere.


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This download features 4 of MVP Quarterback Drew Brees’ TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise routines, as well as a workout guide that you can print out or download to your phone and take with you anywhere. This training program kicks off with Drew's shoulder circuit, followed by a core and lower body routine and then finishes with speed, agility and balance work. Complete all four circuits or integrate portions into your training regimen. This download also features Todd Durkin, personal trainer to dozens of elite NFL, MLB, and professional athletes including LaDainian Tomlinson, Donnie Edwards and Quentin Jammer. Take on the same routines as elite pro athletes, scaled to whatever difficulty and intensity you need.

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Great motivationa/inspirational workout featuring a great athlete and trainer that have an obvious rapport based upon years of hard work and sweat! Wish every knuckle head that thinks great shape begins with the question........ "how much can you bench," attempts various TRX exercise. If you care about the true elements of fitness........ strength, speed, flexibility, balance, and body leaness; this video will truly inspire.

Great exercises. Liked all the circuits. It would have been nice to have them set up like some of the other videos as a workout instead of just demonstrating. Still, a great addition to a library of workouts.

I am not going to spend that kind of money without a better understanding of how it all works. That video is a commercial for mtv. I'm an adult with disposable income, treat me like one.

Great workout! Challenging and fun. Drew and his trainer Todd have a great rapport and energy between them that is motivating, inspiring and entertaining. Without a doubt Drew is one fit dude! He gives the TRX huge credit for his recovery and ongoing success. This workout series will give you all you want and then some!! Highly recommend. Also, Its cool that Drew talks about wanting to bring a SuperBowl to New Orleans in the intro. The course was shot (I think) pre-2009-season. Nice to see someone walk the talk and deliver!! Geaux Saints!!