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In this downloadable workout, TRX CEO Randy Hetrick leads UFC Fighter Brandon Vera through a challenging metabolic routine that’s not just for the pros but for anyone looking to increase their fitness.


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Strength, balance and core stability are important components for any MMA fighter, athlete or active person for that matter. This 55-minute workout is part of the MMA Conditioning Association's Coach Certification Program and will give you a total body strength and conditioning workout as well as a taste of what it takes to prepare for a professional fight. This download includes two MMA workout circuits that can be done individually or together, two bonus exercise series featuring Vera's favorite moves, an exercise library outlining 12 exercises and progressions and an extensive cool down including five additional exercises. Have you ever wanted to train like a pro MMA fighter? Now is your chance.

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As an MMA enthusiast and competitive beach volleyball player, I'm very impressed by this download. I think anyone in martial arts or other dynamic sports will get a boost to their conditioning with this program. There is a ton of great content and its presented clearly so I was able to immediately kick up my TRX workouts a few notches on the intensity scale. The real time workout portion is no joke! I'm still working on keeping up with Vera, but I'll get there in short order and when I do my opponenets are gonna get a beat down!

Wow, just finished watching this download. Amazing, well articulated, easy to follow and great form. I teach a group TRX class that will love/hate some of the new moves. Of course Bradon Vera's real time workout was impressive. I will have to take it down a notch for my class but still some fantastic ideas!

Okay let me just say that you will not be disappointed with this workout. I started and made it through both rounds. Didnt quite look like Brandon Vera but close. I have not found anything close to this except maybe P90X. MMA workout is the best hands down!!! Thanks Fitness Anywhere, Randy and Brandon for a Stellar high speed intense evil workout!!!!

This is a great workout that is quick, but effective. You can always do multiple rounds to make it longer or do other training routines with it to get five 5 minute rounds out of it. Great Stuff! Keep up the good work TRX!