TRX Performance: Train Like the Pros

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With this workout and exercise guide, you will learn the moves the pros use as elite professional athletics consultant Todd Durkin shows you how he takes their game—and your fitness level—to truly superior heights.


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Todd Durkin, professional fitness coach and consultant to the NFL and the NCAA, will take you through this 60-minute training regimen that professional athletes use to perform their best, game in and game out. It also contains dynamic warm-up and cool-down routines, and extensive set up and use guidelines. You will receive the Instant Video Download of the program immediately so you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. Build pro-level core strength and endurance, cultivate agility and flexibility, and take your fitness from average to elite.

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I have worked out to several of the TRX DVDs and I have to say this is by far my favorite. I loved seeing the different progressions and I thought Todd Durkin's style of coaching was extremely motivational.

This DVD shows how intense you can go with the TRX. I loved how it showed the diffenent levels and how the hardest level was even hard for the the participents to stay with. I love Todd Durkin's style of encouraging and teaching. I cant wait to try the work out on myself and my athletic clients who need a greater challenge!

Though this workout will not make you into a champion power lifter, it will do what most of us want, obtain a high level of functional fitness and strength. Warning you will be sore after this workout, but can ease into it as the exercises can be modified by changing stances and positioning.

Work out was great. Very hard at the top level but you can always make it easier. When is the follow up to this? Todd Durkin is great and this is a great hour workout. I would like to have different music. But the rest was awesome. Loved the bloopers too. Very cool.