TRX Rip Lacrosse Workout

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Build Rotational Power, Total-body Agility and Left/Right Balance with this 30-minute Lacrosse-specific workout.


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The TRX Rip Lacrosse workout is a 30-minute Rip Training challenge starring LXM Pro Peter Baum, the 2012 Tewaarton NCAA player of the year. Build the Rotational Power you need to make your shot faster, your checks stronger and your on-the-run game better. Develop the Total-body Agility that will make you better on offense, defense or in the cage. Strengthen the Left / Right Balance that will keep your game well-rounded and prepare you for any situation. Featuring pro Peter Baum the TRX Lacrosse workout demonstrates three levels of progression for all fitness levels. See if you have what it takes to keep up with Peter Baum during this multi-level TRX Lacrosse workout designed to improve any athlete's game.

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Love this session/ super exercises, good coaching cues.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workout video. Working with players of varying age/skill levels, Pete Holman lead a very intense workout. The thirty minutes went by quickly. I found a good balance between work and rest. The RiP exercises effectively work both sides of the body and I believe that, upon repetition, my posture, balance and agility will be greatly improved. While I do not play lacrosse, I feel strongly that the workout will help me develop the stability and rotational power needed in my golf game. Please keep the RiP Training videos coming.