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In this 30-minute real-time workout, we focus on ankle, hip, knee and T-spine mobility. You need to use your body’s full range of motion to get as strong, agile and powerful as you can be.


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Like brushing your teeth, mobility is one of those things that you should be doing every day. Having a full range of motion is critical in everything else you're trying to do in sport and life. So this workout gives you two complete mobility segments that should take 10-15 minutes each. We recommend you do one of them every day, either before your workout or as a standalone workout on rest or active recovery days. The workout features expert coaching insights for beginner, intermediate and advanced progressions of each exercise. The included Visual Guide shows the intermediate-level progression in mobile PDF format. All content is downloadable to your mobile device.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same workout as TRX TV: Get Mobile.

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Excellent format, flow, exercises and group. Great job illustrating the 3 different users and modification/progression for each exercise. If i had to critique one thing it would be the amount of talking involve. Although it is needed and extremely valuable to get all the info, and points across by the end, my ears were bleeding. It was non stop talk from intro to end at one speed and tone.

If there's one thing I'm excited about in 2011 is the release of TRX TV. The Mad Professor (Chris Frankel) not only puts you through a grueling workout, he also explains the justification for each exercise. It's not just training or getting a workout, it's getting education in understanding how the body SHOULD work. Keep 'em coming.

I am so excited about TRX TV! In this 30 minute program, Chris Frankel leads an awesome workout that really focuses on core stability prepping for the mobility exercises. He uses core intense movements to get the muscles fired up in between the strength exercises. It is a great workout! I really like some of the new variations that he put on some of the traditional TRX exercises, such as the "walking press" and "walking row". Those exercises definitely work stabilization in addition to mobilization which I think is so important in a balanced training program. Frankel is very effective in the way he instructs, and helps you understand what your body should be doing. He uses visual imagery such as, "Pretend that you have a heavy sandbag on each foot and you have to pull yourself towards the ground". What I think is great about this workout is that it is truly adaptable for any level. Since it has 3 different participants working at different levels, you can use your own scale of exertion and work primarily mobility or put more strength emphasis on the movements. Great workout!

Loved this program. Learning how to incorporate both mobility and stability into my TRX training was invaluable. The exercise cuing was so helpful and it will really help me educate my TRX classes and personal training clients.