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Looking to get fit for snow season with time efficient workouts that build muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance? Download TRX Winter Sport Conditioning and get started now.


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With TRX Director of Education Fraser Quelch's proven techniques, you'll build strength and mobility in all the right spots to maximize your time on the slopes and minimize the risk of injury. This download includes a 17-minute, real-time workout and 10 exercises scalable to all fitness levels of fitness. Download it to your mobile device to take it with you anywhere or watch it on your computer and get powder-ready, regardless of whether you ski or snowboard.

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I think the Winter Sports Conditioning is a good overall conditioner for winter sports. It provides the necessary exercises for body conditioning, especially if you go through the program twice.

I was expecting more out of this video, I am a personal trainer and an avid skier. The exercises in this video were very basic, I could put together a better workout for skiing. It might be useful for a beginner to intermediate level skier, who is a weekend warrior and doesn't get much exercise. But are people like that really using the TRX? I do use this occasionally as interval training with my Skier's Edge in place of the jump rope, I also go thru the workout 3 times to feel anything.

If you haven't been doing a lot of lower body training, this is a good basic workout to get you back in shape. It alternates lunges and back exercises on the TRX with some plyo moves to get your heart rate up. It's only 17 minutes long, so you definitely need to do it at least twice to get the benefit. Also, the video assumes you know how to do the TRX moves already, so if you're not familiar with the system, you'll have to refer to a manual or other video for a demonstration.

This feels like "winter conditioning basics" ... like others have said (and the instructor acknowledges) it's very short, and once you get going you need to run through twice. There are a lot of much more intense and dynamic workouts available online. Many of them just show you the exercises but don't do the timing with low key coaching, part of what makes TRX videos so great. I'd love to see another "Advanced Ski Conditioning" video, maybe with 2-3 athletes doing exercises at different difficulty levels, from weekend warrior to hard-core racer. There's nothing here for explosive power or absorbing landings, and there's a lot more that could be done for spinal mobility and simulating the kinds of movements expert level skiers use.