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The TRX Xtender gives you extra length and security when you want to attach your TRX Suspension Trainer to high anchor points or thick vertical anchor points


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The TRX Xtender is an excellent solution for situations where your anchor point is too high or thick to properly utilize your TRX Suspension Trainer.


The TRX Xtender is suggested when your anchor point is 9 ft or more off the ground, or when your anchor point has a thick circumference - like a tree or a pole. Simply loop around or attach the Xtender to your elevated anchor point.

The TRX Xtender is 37" in length. For greater lengths, simply join two or more Xtenders together. We recommend using one TRX Xtender for anchor points under 25” in circumference and two or more combined Xtenders for larger anchor points.


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Fitness Anywhere has provided yet again another great piece of equipment to complement the TRX. I train a lot of clients in in parks where finding the right size tree can be difficult for the typical TRX anchor. But with the TRX Extender I have no problem hooking up to the larger trees.

Got a Big old tree outside in my backyard...just a bit too high to accommodate my regular TRX...This Extender works perfectly and you don’t have to worry about it my jerry-rigged solution I had up before...way to go TRX people, Fitness Anywhere living up to its name...

The extension is a great add-on to the TRX. I use it everywhere! I lived in the dorms this past year which had a staircase that led down to the basement. I ordered the extension just for this situation. It worked perfectly!!

Our gym installed hook ups for the TRX in the 10 foot high ceiling and tough for me at 5'4" to find the right ladder to reach. By putting in the extenders and just leaving them looped, I can easily reach to hook up whenever I have a client on their TRX day! Sturdy and well made and will taking them outside to the trees soon!