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TRX Education is a movement-based training curriculum that provides fitness professionals with a progressive approach to learning our system of Foundational Movement Coaching. Our courses progress from practicing Foundational Movement standards with the TRX Suspension Trainer, to developing your skills and integrating multiple training tools with individuals or groups. Altogether our progressive, movement-based training curriculum enables you to Move Better, Train Better, and ultimately, Coach Better.

Professional Education / Live Courses

TRX Suspension Training Course

$295.00 $245.00

Learn to use TRX® Suspension Training® in your personal training practice in this eight-hour course.

TRX Functional Training Course

$295.00 $245.00

Learn how to teach circuit-based small group workouts with TRX and additional modalities with this innovative, one-day course.

TRX Rip Training Course

$295.00 $245.00

Learn how to use Rip Training in your personal training practice in this eight-hour course.

TRX Group Training Course

$295.00 $245.00

Learn how to dominate in small group training and evolve your coaching skills with this Group Training® course.

TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course

$295.00 $245.00

Incorporate TRX® Suspension Training® into rehabilitation and prevention programs.

TRX Education Gift Card

$295.00 $245.00

Use the TRX Education Gift Card for any live TRX course, anytime, anywhere, NO EXPIRATION.

TRX Trainer Summit


Learn how to move and train better from the TRXperts

Advanced Group Training Course

$845.00 $795.00

Bring it all together and become a Certified TRX Group Coach.

International TRX Trainer Summit

$450.00 $350.00

Learn from the leaders in the first International TRX Trainer Summit

Professional Education / Digital Courses



Mix it up with this self-paced, online course that will show you how to infuse TRX Suspension Training into your yoga practice

TRX Suspension Training Basics


This self-paced, online course teaches you the fundamentals of Suspension Training.

Host a TRX Course

Are you a club or studio owner interested in partnering with TRX? Learn more about the benefits of hosting a TRX Course.

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