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TRX Kettlebell Fusion Workout

Posted on Thu, 22 Mar 2012 09:33:00 -07:00

TRX Kettlebell Fusion Workout


Combining the TRX Suspension Trainer with kettlebell training yields a hybrid workout that packs a wallop. The TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Conditioning video, available as a DVD or download here, is an exceptional fusion workout that will build your strength, conditioning, mobility, stability and balance, all in one workout.

You can take the rounds and sequences in TRX videos and reprogram them as stand-alone workouts to get even more value out of them. The video above shows a two-exercise sequence from the video. Use this sequence with the following protocol to get an intense, stand-alone lower body workout. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds:

  • TRX Single Leg Hip Press (R)
  • TRX Single Leg Hip Press (L)
  • TRX Lunge w/Kettlebell (R)
  • TRX Lunge w/Kettlebell (L)

Repeat this sequence three times for a fast-paced metabolic challenge. If you’ve earned your progression with perfect form, step it up and add more rounds to suit your needs.

Like all TRX workout videos, Iron Circuit Conditioning includes a real-time workout with three trainees demonstrating how to progress and regress every movement. It also includes a workout guide with an exercise library that spells out how to perform the workout when you’re away from a screen.

Whatever your fitness level, you’ll find an appropriate level of challenge in this, and all, TRX workout videos. Iron Circuit Conditioning is also packed with cues to help you move better, or if you’re a trainer, to help you improve your cueing with clients.

Try the above sequence and get the TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Conditioning download now for more fun with bells and straps.

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