Five TRX Exercises for Basketball Players

Five TRX Exercises for Basketball Players

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With March Madness in full force, we figured that many of you out there might want a little basketball-inspired training to work out your broken-bracket aggression.

TRX Director of Human Performance Chris Frankel hand picked these five exercises to help basketball players improve their quickness, agility, power, explosiveness and leaping ability. In the video above, TRX Instructor Casey Stutzman takes you through our “starting five” TRX exercises designed to help get you game ready. They are:

  1. TRX Lunge -  Builds single leg strength, deceleration, acceleration and balance, works the posterior chain and integrates functional core strength all at once
  2. TRX Atomic Push-up - Integrates chest and shoulder stability, core strength, power and high intensity cardio training
  3. TRX Side Plank - Develops lateral core strength and stability
  4. TRX Crossing Balance Lunge - Works the hips, legs and core in a multiplanar single leg stance
  5. TRX Power Pull - Integrates multiplanar back, shoulder and core training in a standing position

As always, make sure you warm up properly and select the appropriate intensity for your fitness and ability level. See you on the court!

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Casey Stutzman is a TRX Instructor and travels the US teaching TRX Professional Education Courses. Casey has been using TRX Training for over three years in his role as Head Trainer at Bay Athletic Club in Alpena, Michigan as well as coach of the Alpena High School girls' basketball team. He holds certifications through the American Fitness Association of American (AFAA) as well as Under Armour’s Combine 360. Casey is also a competitive bodybuilder.