Home or Pro: Which Suspension Trainer Is Right for You?

Home or Pro: Which Suspension Trainer Is Right for You?

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If you have been clicking back and forth between the TRX HOME2 and PRO4 Systems while trying to decide which Suspension Trainer is right for you, we have the scoop on the differences between the two to help you choose.

When it comes to Suspension Training workouts, there’s no limit to the functionality of the two Systems. The basic design is the same: both rely on barrel lock adjusters to change the length of the straps, attach to an anchor point via a carabiner clip, have adjustable foot cradles, work with both the TRX Door Anchor and the TRX XMount, and come with one year’s access to the TRX App. If you love TRX Live workouts, you can follow along using either style of Suspension Trainer. 

The main difference between the two options is the materials. 

Because the TRX HOME2 was designed for personal use at home or on-the-go, it’s a little bit lighter weight (1.5 lbs) than the TRX PRO4 (2 lbs). The primary design difference, other than the color of the straps, is the handle. The TRX HOME2 SYSTEM has a slightly smaller, soft foam handle, while the TRX PRO4 SYSTEM has a more rugged, rubber grip handle. Because of the materials and designed with commercial use in mind, the TRX PRO4 grips dry more quickly when you disinfect them.

Both systems are designed to go anywhere and come with mesh carrying bags, but the TRX PRO4 straps have a locking carabiner to prevent theft. While the lock function is a feature that's nice to have, it’s unnecessary for most customers who work out at home.

Which TRX Suspension Trainer is right for you? That’s a personal choice. If you’re used to using the TRX straps at a gym, you’ve probably been using the TRX PRO4 SYSTEM and might prefer it for the sake of continuity. If you like to travel with your straps and tend to overpack, the half-pound-lighter TRX HOME2 SYSTEM may be a better fit. If the price is a concern, the TRX HOME2 retails for $50 less than the TRX PRO4.

No matter which style you select, you’ll be bringing home the most versatile fitness tool on the market...and if you’ve been looking to jumpstart your strength training routine, you can’t go wrong with a TRX suspension trainer. Try one out today:

Start with your own workout regimen today or use the TRX Training Club to get hundreds of TRX exercises delivered to your phone from trained professionals.