Moves of the Week: TRX Mountain Climbers

Moves of the Week: TRX Mountain Climbers

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Another week, another TRX workout! In this edition of Moves of the Week, TRX for Yoga expert Shauna Harrison adds twists and challenges to the TRX Mountain Climber. Follow along with Shauna in the videos below, then try these moves for yourself on your TRX Suspension Trainer.



First, warm up with your basic TRX Mountain Climber. Start with your straps adjusted to the mid-calf length. You should be in the prone position, facing away from the anchor point with your toes in the foot cradles.

To execute the TRX Mountain Climber, plant your palms or forearms on the ground, and find a TRX Plank. From that plank position, draw one knee into your chest at a time, placing extra pressure on the foot cradle through the bridge of your extended foot to maintain core stability. (For bonus points, try piking your hips just a few inches each time you bring a knee toward your chest.) Return to your TRX Plank after each rep.


Next, upgrade the TRX Mountain Climber to a TRX Single-Leg Mountain Climber. Keep your straps at the mid-calf point, but this time begin in the prone position with one foot threaded through both foot cradles.

Float your free foot as you pop into your TRX Plank. If your left foot is in the foot cradles, you’ll draw your right knee toward your right elbow, then pivot through your hips to cross your knee under your body toward your left elbow.



We finish this week with a TRX twist on the Fallen Triangle pose. This move starts just like the TRX Single Leg Mountain Climber, but as you cross your bent knee under your body, extend your foot to the ground—like a kickstand—before opening your arms, similar to a TRX Single-Leg Side Plank.


There you have it: three moves that will build muscle and torch your core. Check back next week for more ways to test your limits with your TRX Suspension Trainer.