My Locker Will Rescue You From Your Workout Rut

My Locker Will Rescue You From Your Workout Rut

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We’ve all been in that situation. It’s too hot or too cold or too rainy outside. You don’t have the energy to go to the gym or the bandwidth to design your own workout. And searching YouTube for a reliable video? Good luck with that.

Enter: My Locker.

My Locker is your one-stop storage solution for everything related to TRX. Accessible via desktop and mobile, you can use it to register TRX products like your Suspension Trainer or RIP Trainer, as well as download workouts. And if you haven’t explored the TRX workout videos, they will blow your mind.

First, the workouts are incredibly affordable, priced between $4.95 and $6.95. (When was the last time you found a class for under $7?) Designed by some of the world’s leading TRX instructors, these videos are the most efficient, cost-effective way to work out with a top trainer.

Second, TRX videos make it easy to target a specific muscle group or series of functional movements. Golfers, tennis players, surfers, and lacrosse enthusiasts can all follow along with workouts designed for their specific sports. Want to train like a Super Bowl MVP? There’s a download that features four of Saints Quarterback Drew Brees’ TRX Suspension Training exercise routines. Chasing that elusive six-pack abs? Then load up My Locker with new core workouts.

Third, there’s never been an easier way to take your TRX workouts with you when you travel. You can’t pack a suitcase full of fitness equipment every time you go on a trip, but you can take TRX and My Locker with you. Just set up your phone, tablet, or computer by your TRX Suspension or Rip Trainer, and you’ll be ready to sweat in a matter of minutes.

Finally, My Locker lets you try—and save—entirely new types of workouts like TRX for yoga or a kettlebell combo class. If you feel nervous trying new TRX moves in front of strangers, this is a fantastic way to experiment with TRX techniques without feeling self-conscious.

Ready to get started? Once you’ve loaded a video or workout guide to My Locker, it will be waiting for you each time you log in. Videos and DVDs that you purchase can remain in My Locker forever, while videos that you access as part of your subscription will remain through the duration of your subscription. 

In a traditional gym, your locker is that place you store the things you don’t need while you exercise. With TRX, My Locker is the place you store your workouts. It’s easy fitness at your fingertips, and it’s a total game changer.

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