Pro Athletes Swear By The TRX Suspension Trainer

Pro Athletes Swear By The TRX Suspension Trainer

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As we count down the hours to the Super Bowl, players for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are working with their strength and conditioning coaches to ensure they are ready to take the field for the biggest game of the season. Many of those NFL players, like professional athletes across the spectrum of sports, are using the TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER in their daily workouts. Here are just a few of the types of athletes that love the TRX Straps.


The grid iron’s front and center this weekend, so we’re kicking this list off with football. It’s no surprise that NFL teams keep TRX SUSPENSION TRAINERS in their practice facilities—the straps are incredibly effective for both strength training and mobility—but many players also have their own set of straps at home. In fact, as stay at home orders ramped up in 2020, many players began reaching out to TRX to request their own Suspension Trainers and small group sessions with TRX Training and Development Manager Miguel Vargas.


TRX Chief Science Officer Chris Frankel—who spent years as a trainer the PGA Tour with professional golfer Notah Begay—says the Suspension Trainer gives golfers a quick way to build in resistance training and core work with their mobility exercises. “Because of the design of the Suspension Trainer with that single anchor point, you have this 360-degree range of motion to really get your torso twisting—working through that X factor of dissociating hips from shoulders—with just the right amount of resistance in there so they can be strong.” 

Frankel’s not the only one to realize the advantages golfers can gain from training with the straps. According to Golf Digest, legendary golfers like Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, and Lydia Ko have all incorporated the Suspension Trainer in their fitness routines.


With its emphasis on non-stop core stabilization, the TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER is the ideal training partner for swimmers. Natalie Coughlin, the 12-time Olympic medalist, even packs her straps while traveling to ensure she always has what she needs to work out on the road. Coughlin’s go-to moves include TRX Rows, Alligators, Suspended Lunges, and Planks.


For years, professional CrossFit athlete Kari Pearce has been the Fittest American Woman and one of the top CrossFit athletes in the world. (In 2020, she placed third at the CrossFit Games.) As is typical for competitive CrossFit-ers, Pearce’s workouts are focused on heavy weights and equipment like the Assault Bike and the SkiErg, but Pearce also uses her TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER for both training and recovery.

Mixed Martial Arts

Former MMA fighter Razor Rob McCullough isn’t just a TRX fan; he even uses the TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER to train clients. MMA athletes depend on a combination of strength and conditioning work to prepare for competition, and McCullough demonstrates just how it’s done with his TRX workouts, which combine kettlebells, the Suspension Trainer, and a jump rope. Want to train like McCullough? Check out his TRX On Demand workouts!

Whether you’re training for a competition or for improved strength and mobility in everyday life, the TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER is a safe, effective, and intuitive fitness tool. And as the Chiefs and the Bucs take the field this weekend, you can be sure that the Suspension Trainer has been integral to the Super Bowl teams’ success.