Rip Training: Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Rip Training: Metabolic Conditioning Workout

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Check out this epic Rip Training metabolic blast, brought to you by TRX Programming Manager Liana Hughes and TRX Content Writer Andrew Vontz. This sweet bite-sized chipper is sure to get you sweating away that stuffing in no time. Grab your Rip Trainer and get after this total body high intensity interval workout. 

One round consists of as many reps possible in 30 seconds of each of the following exercises:

  1. Rip Lunge Press
  2. Rip Squat Row
  3. Rip Overhead Ax Chop

Recover for one minute and then repeat. Try to shoot for the same number of reps on both sides. One round with recovery should take you four minutes. We recommend doing three rounds, but feel free to do more or less depending on your fitness and time constraints. Remember, this is high intensity interval training, which means each round should be a short all-out effort, and the full workout should not take too much time. Get it in where you can fit it in!

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