Spring Into an Outdoor Workout Routine

Spring Into an Outdoor Workout Routine

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Moments before she took the Super Bowl half-time show stage at NRG Stadium—arguably the biggest performance of her career—Lady Gaga was hammering out reps backstage with a TRX Suspension Trainer. In true Gaga fashion, she executed her rows in a sparkle Versace bodysuit, matching high-heeled boots, and full makeup.

As an internationally-known pop star, Lady Gaga can make outrageous requests for whatever fitness tools she wants. If she had asked for a stair climber and a rack of weights, she would have received them. Instead, she was using a lightweight, effective tool that was designed travel anywhere. Now that spring has sprung, it’s the perfect time to make like Gaga and take your workout with you on the road.

The TRX Suspension Trainer is popular in gyms, homes, and personal training studios, but you can use it just as effectively at the beach, in a park, or wherever spring days take you. In fact, this is a tool that was built for workouts on the go.

TRX founder and inventor Randy Hetrick was looking for a way to maintain peak physical condition while on deployment as a Navy SEAL when he created the first TRX Suspension Trainer. Hetrick MacGyvered the prototype from a jujitsu belt and parachute webbing. Over the last 20 years, his design had evolved into the tool you see today. The idea that you should be able to use the TRX Suspension Trainer anywhere has resonated with pro athletes, pop stars, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

The easiest way to set up for an outdoor workout is to attach your TRX Suspension to a well-fixed horizontal bar or beam, like a pull-up bar.  If you’re attaching your Suspension Trainer to a vertical structure for anchoring, use the TRX Xtender to wrap around the pole or column, and pull the anchoring loop through the larger loop. Pull the loop taut, and clip in the carabiner. Make sure that the bottom of the TRX Suspension Trainer's Equalizer Loop is six feet off the ground or that the bottom of the foot cradles are three feet off the ground, and weight test the straps before starting your workout.

If you want to focus on core strength and stability, the TRX Rip Trainer is similarly easy to set up for an outdoor workout. Just wrap the bungee cord around a vertical fixed point, column, or beam, and use the carabiner to attach the Rip Trainer to itself.

Spring days are perfect for runs, walks, and swims, and TRX makes it easy to complement your outdoor cardio workout with strength and balance training. Thousands of people worldwide use the Suspension Trainer outside every day. Show us on Instagram how you use your TRX Suspension Trainer and/or RIP Trainer outside by tagging @TRXTraining and #TRX. You might see your photo featured on our Instagram account.

Blog photo credit by LindseyKirbyPhotography