The Best Fitness Gift for Grandparents

The Best Fitness Gift for Grandparents

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Selecting a gift for a grandparent is nerve-wracking. You want to find something useful, novel, and considerate that doesn’t create more clutter. And if it helps improve their quality of life? That’s a pretty satisfying bonus. It’s rare to find something that can meet all those criteria, but the TRX Suspension Trainer checks every box. Here are five reasons why the Suspension Trainer is the best fitness gift for a grandparent.

First, the Suspension Trainer saves time and money. TRX’s Home2 System comes with everything necessary for a full-body workout. It’s easy to set up on a door, tree, or pole, and—if you’re shopping for a tech-savvy senior—the TRX App is full of pre-programmed workouts to try with the tool.

Second, this is a compact, yet comprehensive tool. TRX fans love the Suspension Trainer because they can literally use it anywhere. It comes with a mesh carrying pouch, and it weighs less than two pounds, so it’s easy and practical to pack in a suitcase. 

Third, the Suspension Trainer works for every athlete at every fitness level. It’s just as effective for someone trying to improve balance and mobility as it is for an 85-year-old Supreme Court justice who works out regularly with a trainer. (Yes, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg uses TRX in her workouts.)

Fourth, this is a “no excuses” tool. Let’s face it: cold or rainy days can interfere with the best of workout intentions. If your grandparent has a habit of skipping the gym, bring the gym to your grandparent. You don’t have to empty a room or drill a mount into a wall to set up a TRX home gym.

Finally, strength training is really important for senior citizens. It can delay age-related muscle loss, strengthen bones, improve mobility and function, prevent falls, and help combat depression and cognitive decline. A Wake Forest University study published last year found that strength training was more effective than cardio for older adults.

Grandparents are a gift, and you want them to live long, active lives. But good health takes effort and the right tools: As your grandparents age, the TRX Suspension Trainer can help them stay stronger and mobile longer. (TRX even has workouts specifically designed for older adults.) The Suspension Trainer is a present they’ll use time and again, which is why it’s the best fitness gift for grandparents. 

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