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The Ultimate TRX Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on Nov 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM
Gift Guide

The Ultimate TRX Holiday Gift Guide

The Ultimate TRX Holiday Gift Guide

Athletes trust TRX for their strength and conditioning needs, but here’s a hot tip as you head into the holiday season: TRX is also a fantastic resource for gifting ideas. From Suspension Trainers to apparel to training tools, and even gift cards, TRX has everything you need for the fitness buffs on Santa’s nice list.

Suspension Trainers™

There’s a reason why TRX is known around the world: TRX Suspension Trainers are a universally-beloved conditioning tool that work for any athlete, at any fitness level, practically anywhere. Whether you choose the Home2 System, or the commercial-grade Pro4 System, you can’t go wrong when giving the gift of strength and mobility. Plus, both Suspension Trainer packages come with one year’s access to the best-in-class TRX App, which includes a wealth of workouts created by the fitness industry’s leading trainers and movement experts.

Shopping for someone in the military? The TRX Tactical Gym Suspension Trainer is designed to handle extreme environments, and it comes with a 12-week conditioning program to keep military personnel fit while deployed.

Slam Balls

We have a theory that the world would be a kinder, gentler place if everyone had slam balls. Having a bad day? Enjoy making loud noises? Just need to throw something? Take it out on the slam ball. In addition to relieving stress, slam ball exercises work the shoulders, legs, and core, making this the most satisfying gift you will ever give.

Rip Trainer™

Golfers, climbers, baseball players: anyone who wants more rotational strength through their core will be obsessed with the Rip Trainer. (Even for folks who just enjoy fitness, it’s a lot of fun.) This weighted bar and bungee system helps athletes improve balance, build rotational power, increase stamina and strengthen their core. And just like the Suspension Trainer, it’s portable, compact, and doesn’t require special installation.

Workout Clothes

For anyone who exercises frequently, new workout clothes are always welcome. (And yes, that even applies when the recipient’s not a clotheshorse.) As much as people may try to deny it, most workout clothes begin to stink after about a year of repetitive use; TRX Under Armour apparel includes odor-fighting technology to keep clothes fresher, longer. The sleek, minimalist-cool designs for both women and men perform under pressure, and they look good.

Battle Ropes

Our favorite part of gifting is surprising loved ones with items they may not otherwise buy for themselves. Battle ropes, (also known as conditioning ropes), are a great example. Athletes love cardio-pumping, core-engaging battle ropes exercises. Ropes are in high demand at the gym, they’re frequently used in group fitness classes, but—despite being installation-free and easy to store—most people who work out at home don’t own battle ropes. This is one of those unexpected gifts that friends and family will use forever.

Duo Trainer™

Shopping for CrossFitters? The Duo Trainer is the fitness tool that was born out of the CrossFit world, and it’s a regular part of Fittest American Woman Kari Pearce’s training arsenal. TRX partnered MobilityWOD's Kelly Starrett—he’s a big deal in the movement world—to develop the Duo Trainer™, a tool that helps athletes tap into greater levels of strength, mobility, and endurance. For anyone looking to do muscle-ups at home, like gymnasts and CrossFit devotees, this is the best gift you’ll find: it offers the flexibility of TRX suspension trainers and the benefits of gymnastic rings, and it’s easy to store.


If you’re confused by athletes’ fascination with kettlebells, click over to YouTube and search for “kettlebell workouts.” You could scroll for days through the options! Home kettlebells are a great gift because they offer a top-notch, weight-bearing workout with just one piece of equipment. TRX kettlebells stand out from the competition because they’re gravity cast molded, so they’re extra durable and really comfortable to grip. If you’re not sure of what weight to order, do some sleuthing into the recipient’s heavy dumbbell preferences. (We promise: if you casually ask, they’ll absolutely want to tell you what they lift.)

TRX Infinity Gym

This gym-in-a-bag set is the priciest item on this list, but it’s the best home gym starter kit you’ll find. It comes with several of the gift ideas we listed above, plus a few more. The infinity gym has both the TRX PRO4 System and the core-strengthening Rip Trainer, a 10 lb. Slam Ball, two variable resistance TRX Strength bands, a set of four TRX Exercise Bands, a Buddy Lee Jump Rope, and a TRX water Bottle. And, for anyone who can’t dedicate a full room to a home gym, it can be packed into a TRX Infinity Backpack Duffle. On top of everything else, it has a digital bonus: a one-year subscription to the TRX App to help maximize all of the tools within the kit.

Holidays are rapidly approaching, and finding the perfect gift for everyone one your list is stressful. TRX gifts are useful, affordable, and durable. But hey, if you still can’t decide, you’ve got options. Give your loved ones TRX Gift Cards and let them wrestle with the decision-making.





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